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Listener - Intermediate 9

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Hi! Welcome to my profile and 7 Cups!

I am really passionate about helping others, especially people who have mental illnesses. I have been through a lot with my mental health, so I know some coping techniques. I have a tiktok and an instagram dedicated to helping others who are struggling. They are both selena.marie19 (Go to my reels on instagram to find resources). I also talk about spiritual awakenings and if you don't know what that is definetly watch The Secret on Netflix) 

If you want to have long-term sessions with me let me know and I will fill out the forms to set that up! 

If you decide to give me a personal request, please do not message anything sexual towards me, I will block and report you.
If you are genuinely looking for help please send me a personal request AND a message. There is a significantly higher chance that I will answer when you send me a message.

heartIf you are in a crisis, please call one of these crisis linesheart
Canada: 833-456-4566
USA: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
(If you are in another country and these don't work, send me a personal request and ask for the number, I will do my research and give it to you).
Feedback & Reviews
she is kind
Great help! Everything that makes a good listiner !
She is honestly, such a kind and genuine individual who truly takes her time to really listen to you. Also, one of the best listeners on this platform. Thank you so much Sel :)
Very loving caring and honest
great listener, honestly very helpful!!
she is lovely and listens very well
Great listener. Gave me time and understood my problems enough for the problems to eventually go. Gives you her time and helps a lot
She is a good listener
Loved Sel! One of the easiest and sweetest person I talked with. She not only listened but asked great questions. Thank you for this opportunity and I would recommend talking with Sel! She is amazing!
They talked to me as well, filling the gaps where I was confused, so it felt a lot better than usual
Wonderful listener. Non judgmental and understanding. Helped me open up. Truly a beautiful human being.
Sweet and nice helpful lady
Great listener! Very friendly and understanding.
She is a very kind and experienced listener, makes me feel seen and understood.
She seems very caring person.
They were very kind and understanding, good listener ❤
loved it! awesome chat!
This listener is a true angel... She managed to transmute all my negative feelings and ideas into something positive. I would advise her to anyone feeling self-loathing.
Sel was amazing. I felt like she was listening to me. She really connected with me. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so seen in my life. She is full of compassion and empathy. Wonderful listener. More than overjoyed that she’s on this app. Don’t let her leave! She’s amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️
An extraordinarily caring and helpful listener.
Comforting to speak to Sel! Feels like a friend and she is very understanding.
thank you for listening to me, I appreicate it
Really good listener
Very helpful and kind in helping you to make things better, providing so much resources you could use to make yourself more calm and relax.
Sel listened attentively, was very friendly outgoing and related to my struggles, I highly recommend!
Great listener, had lots in common!
She was very helpful
Really easy to speak to. Feels so better after tslking
Patiently listened to me.
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