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Hello, I'm glad you found me on 7 Cups of Tea.I don't accept any conversations related to breakups, relationship issues. I enjoy helping people who are struggling with loneliness, who feel they are intellectually isolated, neglected and misunderstood in this big world.

It's all about walking together, hand in hand, down the gloomy bleak streets.

It's all about defying together the dreary desolate nights.

lt's all about invading together the invincible longstanding spiritual-isolation castle.

The power of sadness is like the power of wind .

The power of wind can move a boat or drown it.

The power of sadness is like the power of wind.

The power of wind can kill a beast but lift a bird.

I am still able to feel your glorious presence behind the dark cloudy ominous sky.

I am still able to hear your soothing voice amid the screaming furious winds.

I am still able to hold firmly on your merciful hand amid the merciless waves.

I really think that you do care, because I always see your auspicious radiant smile that rejuvinates my hopes whenever you clothe the horizon with your holy happiness at the break of the dawn everyday.

I really think that you do care, because you always make me feel an intense pain every time I unintentionally touch a flame.

I really think that you do care, because I always see your compassionate tears into my mom and dad's tears.

You have resurrected me, you commanded me to move the chunks of debris aside and get out of my grave.

You commanded me to stand up upright and keep going my way.

You taught me that the rebirth of the far more stronger new creation, can not be delivered, except through the darkness of the horrific pains of the womb of sadness.

Just keep silent, you know nothing about him, let his flowers tell you something about him, let his flowers tell you that the Crushing Beauty belongs only to him.

Just keep silent, you know nothing about him, let his birds tell you something about him, let his birds tell you that the Faultless Harmonized Music belongs only to him.

Just keep silent, you know nothing about him, let his smiling babies tell you something about him, let his smiling babies tell you that the Absolute Holy Innocence belongs only to him.

What's wrong with you Power of Darkness, what's the matter with you? Why're you talking so boastfully as if this world belongs to you?

Do you boast your scary darkness as if the upcoming comforting dawn is not on his way towards you?

Do you boast drying tender leaves as if the upcoming spring is not on his way towards you?

Do you boast terrorizing vulnerable children as if the inevitable upcoming judgement is not on his way towards you?

What's wrong with you Power of Darkness, what's the matter with you? Why're you talking so boastfully as if this world belongs to you?

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Listener Since May 8, 2017
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Feedback & Reviews
Made me feel so much better. He has incredible intuition and really empathized with me
Kind, understanding and attentive
Very kind, very thoughtful, very wise and very honest.
Really friendly person!
Quite the listener you've been looking for. Recommended!
He is the best. He is very patient, understanding, very friendly, respectful and kind human being. He helped me through my problems.
Works like a miracle. I am so glad :)
A nice and supportive listener! Was nice to be able to talk and spill my guts and he understood so well. Thank you!
Very good listener and a very understanding guy...Gives quick reponse and is always available!!!
Incredible. He helped me through a panic and scary time in my life! Great listener, comforting and understanding.
Very professional and we had good rapport. Thank you
I left feeling so calmed and uplifted. Thank you so much.
Fabulous listener and on point. Really felt supported. Thank you
Thank you for shedding light on my rough day -- It takes alot of inward searching and experiences to authetically relate to others' pains, and to hold space for their vulnerablities and emotions. Thanks for making me feel listened to and supported!
a great listener , with mature thinking , highly recomnded
Very good listener and show care.
Empathic, intelligent listener. Gratitude for a deep and meaningful conversation that got to the heart of the matter.
He is amazing listener. Thank you 😌
He is officially my new spirit guide!!
A very warm and nice person to talk with. A big thumbs up for him! Thank you
Good very helpful awesome
This listener do listens to your problems, and gives feedbacks & reflections that are actually related to your own problems. Would definitely recommend this listener for others.
Very helpful :) thank you for your valuable time.
he is a very nice person. be patient when listening and give advice that makes me feel better. I highly recommend him as a good listener
Really helpful
Helpful,interested in your story,good job👍
great listener thanks for being so logical
Good talk. Thanks
Insightful views and very respectful
He was fantastic!
able to redirect my sadness to what matters to me in my life
Thanks for helping me see things in a different way
Wonderful soul, Spoke to many listeners before silverarrow. But they ave up on me after my vents. Arrow stayed with me throughout and also tried to pull me out of the negativity.Thank u so much, Stay blessed and may that light in u keep shining
So helpful and calm
Very encouraging and compassionate and understanding of my problem!
He listened it was what I needed.
A great listener, rest assured, he'll make you feel much much better :)
good listener, great conversationalist, good helper.
Lovely lady very helpful and kind. Thank you.
Loved it! Awesome chat! Very kind compassionate listner.
He's a very good person.Good at communication and good understanding.Very patient, very sincere to people.
A very nice listener, very emphatic. Thank you.
Very helpful and empathetic. SilverArrow is one of the genuine listeners out here.
extremely compassionate and kind
Very helpful huhu it was a great transient meet
Patient. Was happy to take the time to listen to everything I wanted to share. Positive and encouraging responses. Sharing with silverArrow67 helped me to realise a new perspective and see a way forward.
He was really helpful
thank you for your help
Very intelligent listener
They are very nice and easy to speak with.
So helpful and sweet. Thank you so much.
He made me feel comfortable like an elder brother! Loved whole chat session.
Excellent listener and quick to respond!
Very kind and well-mannered.
Thank you for listening! Really gentle and kind.
Helpful! Made me realize some things to feel better
Muy buena persona
He is very kind and understanding person! I recommend him highly.
very understanding and honest.
gave a different perspective on things which made me reflect with how things are right now.
You gave me courage and convinced me to believe in me.your support and care changed my life completely.Tank you
Thank you
Thank you
He is great!
Good personality
Samer, is a patient man with great depth and compassion. Given a chance, he's likely to have a meaningful conversation.
Wow. What a great listener. Very healing and insightful. Thank you.
a good friend
The right amout of comunication.
Silver arrow is the nicest, kindest and gentlest person ever. He really made me feel better during my dark time. I wish him the best of everything in the world. God bless
good friend
Great job keep it up
Thank you so much, I now have the courage to go forth with life.
a big help
Amazing as always. Always makes me feel better. Feels like a good, reliable, trustworthy friend
He is a helpful listener with patience and clear questions.
Wonderful. Feels like a good friend x
Such a great listener! One of the best here! He was so eager to help me with my issues and made me feel like a new person.. Thank you!
Brilliant listener x
Delightful and comforting!
Thank you for your kindness and patience
good guy,helped me,listened
Very nice
Very much genuine.
Listens, Patient, Adds Perspective. Thanks for your help.
silverArrow67 was super helpful and empathetic. Gave me good advice and left me feeling comforted and less depressed and anxious.
Friendly and attentive to me
I'm glad there is someone to listen to me,
It was nice to talk to him
Very friendly and helpful. He actually give you an interesting insight into your current situations. Thanks for all the help.
Best listener I have ever come across. Thank you so much for being so understanding and kind. Non-judgemental, mature and open minded. People like you make 7cups a truly wonderful community.
It helped a lot talking to someone about intimate stuffs
Amazing person, just the right listener I needed in while feeling low. Very empathic and and knows how to listen
Thank you for your valuable input on my situation and general life recommendations :)!
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