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I would be lying if I said my life's been easy. I would be lying if I told you that your situation will definitely get better or that I have the solutions to all your problems. But what I will do is be here for you in anyway I can. I will remind you that you don't have to face this alone. By being here, you've already taken the bravest step forward by seeking help and support and I'm proud of you. You are not alone anymore. You are loved. I believe in you. We can do this.

And together, just maybe, we can embark on this journey and come out stronger together, what do you say?

“We May Encounter Many Defeats But We Must Not Be Defeated.” – Maya Angelou

“Anything that’s human is mentionable, and anything that is mentionable can be more manageable. When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary.” – Fred Rogers

"Some of the most comforting words in the universe are ‘me too.’ That moment when you find out that your struggle is also someone else’s struggle, that you’re not alone, and that others have been down the same road."

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Feedback & Reviews
He was amazing
Nikhil truly behaves like your friend. He's extremely patient, kind, compassionate, non judgemental, and supportive. It's refreshing how he actively participates in the conversation, it makes you really feel you're talking to an actual human being and not just a screen.
A really great listener! Had amazing advice on and did a really good job at walking me through the issue. This guy rocks!
Surely a good pal with a fresh perspective on my struggles, exactly what I needed
Great listener very kind and helpful.
He’s such a great listener. Listened to my concerns patiently, and gave me some helpful suggestions as he can. I hope others can get some help from him too!
good listener and he is open to listen to anything
Very helpful listenr, and very empathizing in nature. He was very patient while talking, and really put great effort in trying to understand and listen to me. Really helpful. Thanks.
really kind & supportive. asked me questions that just allowed me to vent and take the edge off of the emotions i was feeling, thank you :)
Great listener ....
Fantastic listener! Great wisdom and insight into many aspects of life. Thank you.
Thanks brother lets do this
Amazing human being. Was attentive to what I was saying and genuinely listened. It was a fruitful conversation. Glad I could connect to him. Thanks once again Nikhil. I'm sure I'm gonna need you and your conversations again in the future but thanks for making me feel that I'm not alone facing my demons. Thanks for being there :) -Ambika
A lovely soul. Thank you very much. -A
Great listener! Made sure to go through each issue, help me see through and give me tips. I’m glad I got a chance to talk with them. They also helped me with my lack of motivation issue. Thank you a lot.
very patients and tried best help me
He was kind.. Attentive reply helped me.
Really caring and sweet, great advice! :)
he is very helpful
Good listener, good simple advice. Felt like I got a little bit of a reset in my brain knowing someone was listening instead of just journaling to an empty page.
Thanks and helpful tips
Great Listener
He was upfront about not being skilled in my area of concern but willing to listen, and I have to say he did an excellent job helping me internalise and cope with the trauma I've been through. An excellent listener! Very caring and attentive, and genuinely wants to help!
He was very kind and considerate of how felt and gave good basic advice.
I just needed another perspective. Good chat
Maybe, you just need someone who can lend an ear for you. He's such an amazing human 😂 Nik, for being honest, kind and humble person. All the best. :)
Wow! Such a kind, patient and loving listener. I had an intense topic to discuss, as a female, and he was so caring towards me and allowed me to vent anger I've been keeping inside of me for years. When others turned me down, he was willing to be attentive and lend a hand. 11/10 would recommend!
Good.frndly also
Great human being, and very understanding! - ThinkingLychee :)
it's very helpful and helped me a lot
Totally would recommend him. One of the person's who actually cares and listens. Thank you.
Helpful. Guided me to use someone else because what i was looking for was not his core strength area
A wonderful friend is all that u need in a listener. And that's what this guy is !
Thanks for your time 😊
very understanding and informative
Helpful, open, sweet. And this I say after talking for just 10 minutes. :)
Helpful and honest.
I liked it, helpful chat!
It was really helpfull to meet you
A wonderfully nice person who was really genuine and kind
He was very patient in listening to all my problems
very good
He's cool. bro
Very helpful!
great listener. he gets me.
very helpfull conversation
Thank you. Showed me a different perspective
Awesome aloo he is ❤️
Really helpful and understanding.
Really good
very kind and helpful
Good with empathy and response time
Lol funny dude
He was a great person to talk to! He made me feel better about myself and gave me advice on what I should do. Thank You!
Great listener
Awesome listener .Patient & correct response .Worked me :)
- Ayesha
Showed me complete different view of living my life. Truly understood me. Very good listener. Have a great life and keep up the good work.
I think what you are doing is just great. Really helps and understands.
Great!! Have an amazing year ahead and keep helping people. The world needs people like you.
Helped me when no one else was there. They're amazing, very supportive, understanding and non-judging. I recommend them to anyone out there, who needs someone to talk to !!!
Surprised, how a complete stranger could help me so much. Keep up the good job.
He is the best listener I've ever talked to. He disagreed with all my crazy opinions and convinced me to agree with his. He is very young yet very experienced in explaining things. I wish 7 cups paid him for his precious time that he puts in listening to the people emphatically and sincerely. He is honest, funny, smart, brilliant and of course highly recommended.
Thank you ☺️
With tears in my eyes and heart full of emotions, I say, Thank you Nikhil for this new life.
Had he been not there, I would have not been alive.
You are lucky if he is near you.
A pure heart, and so much maturity at such small age. Can't explain my talk with him. He understood me. True helper.
Nikhil is a very kind, caring person who is easy to talk to and understanding. He also is smart, mature, and has a good head on his shoulders. Thank you very much for being a great listener, Nikhil.
He was concerned and did pay attention to everything I said, and responded as soon as possible. Thank you for all your help. I feel quite better now. :)
He is great
Terrific Listener !!!!! She's kind, fun and helpful to talk to. Puts a smile on my face every time we talk.
a very genuine, very down to earth listener, who always has a untamed ecstatic, appreciation of life as well as people. She has the ability to make someone feel resounding happiness in matter of minutes and help shed light on even the toughest things in life. I would definitely recommend her.
Umm....Nice and lovely guy. Thanks.
lovely guy. he cares to actually listen and takes his work pretty seriously. impressive !
I owe my life to him. I am alive because of him. He showed me hope when I had lost all. Thank you.
I owe my life to him. He is the reason I am alive. Gave me hope, when I had lost all. Thank you. True helper.
Wonderful :)
Good listener
Great helper. Nice person to talk to. Made me comfortable, I didn't feel that I was talking to a stranger. Gave me reasons to love my life. Full of positivity.
Great listener. Was calm even when I was losing control. Gave me hope, and positivity. Showed me how to be optimistic. Nice person. Has ability to help and is very patient.
Thank you so much!
Full of positivity. Made me feel comfortable and listened and answered very nicely. True help he gave me. I feel relaxed and better after talking to him. Nice guy.
He was very positive and he just saw the bright side of all problems.
I just wanna say the he is lovely and has an able hand to help people.
Great listener! I started hesitant and insecure. I'm at the end of the conversation feeling hopeful and motivated about the next step.
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