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Hi,! I am glad you have found me here at 7 Cups! I am happy to listen to you on many topics. I have experience of lots of different areas - anxiety, depression, and mental illness, families and relationships, love, school, college or work related problems, financial stress, healthy living, food, diets, eating disorders, I can also offer support for chronic pain, illness and disabilities. I am part of both the adult and the teen listening team, (and yes I can still remember being a teen lol) and I also offer long term support to those that I can and who are in need.If I am not online then you are welcome to leave me a message -  but please tell me what you want to talk about so we can get off to a flying start. I will get back to you when I am next able, but please bear in mind that I get a lot of messages and I will reply to the most urgent first so if you just say hi, do you really just want a hi back?At weekends my response will be slower as that is usually my time off from 7Cups, and I may not respond to new requests till Monday. I hope you understand that. We all need time for ourselves to recharge our batteries and relax. ONE STEP AT A TIME"We all have different size footsteps that we leave behind on our journey through life.Sometimes we can change the size of our footsteps, the imprint, the impact, the direction.Sometimes our footsteps land on rock and they do not show, or they land on sand and stay for a while,Other times they get washed away by massive oceans or powerful waves.But each and every footstep is important in so many ways.Ways that we may not even know about.Watch your step, think about your steps, plan your next step, and the rest will follow."  Listening ... one step at a timeButterflies are a symbol of hope that we can all change from a smallbrown grub into a beautiful amazing butterfly! One step at a time!    

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"I want to share my song with you."Hello everyone, I'm Song! I'm a Verified Listener. I'm happy that you took the time time to visit my profile. I’m just a simple person that loves to listen to people and help them out in anyway I can. I have many passions that include books, music, tea, and helping others.Feel free to message, if it's for help or just a simple talk. I'm a non-judgemental individual so feel feel to come to me with whatever is bothering you. If I'm not online, just leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Para hispanohablantes: Español no es mi lengua materna, por lo que mis respuestas pueden ser lentas. Todavía voy a tratar de ayudarte a lo mejor de mi capacidada. Siéntete libre de dejarme un mensaje y te llamaré tan pronto como pueda.

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