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Angie McCullagh

Angie, a Seattle writer and mom of two teens, is profoundly and personally interested in mental health issues, particularly in erasing associated stigmas. She believes knowledge is power and hopes, through education and compassion, to offer support to people suffering difficult disorders.

Articles by Angie McCullagh

Manage Your Stress to Live a Better Life

How chronic stress affects your body and mind and what to do about it
Posted 12 August 2019

Sleep or Study? How to Get Enough Rest Before Tests

Find out if it's better to pull an all-nighter or get sleep instead
Posted 01 August 2019

Want to Fall in Love Quickly? Know What to Ask on Your Next Date

How to accelerate a love connection by posing the right questions
Posted 11 July 2019

20 Powerful Affirmations to Boost Self Esteem

Self-love affirmations that will make you feel as amazing as you are
Posted 19 June 2019

How to Talk to Your Parents About Mental Health Issues

There are lots of good reasons, and ways, to get guidance from the adults in your life
Posted 03 June 2019