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Career Counseling and Treatment

Career Counseling and Treatment

We spent a significant amount of our time in this world working to earn a livelihood. A career is a huge part of our lives so it is important to get this piece right. But unfortunately, many of us feel unsatisfied with the work we do. There is hope, you can take steps to feel more satisfied in your career. Career counseling is an effective way to do that. There are many reasons why one feels unsatisfied with their career ranging from a lack of interest, feeling bored, imposter syndrome, and even the working hours involved. Your choice of career can impact your lifestyle, health, and your personal time. The effect can be positive or negative depending on what your career is and how well it fits you.

You can find a career you love by understanding your career expectations and needs. You can do so by taking online career or aptitude tests and talking with experts. But perhaps you already have a career and you are not satisfied with it. There is hope, you can work with a career counselor to address the issues you are facing and develop a plan to improve your career satisfaction.

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How Can Career Counseling be Effective?

Counseling is one of the most effective ways to address any areas of improvement in your life. Just like psychotherapy, it provides you with insights on what you can do to improve your situation. When it comes to career counseling, it can provide you with expert advice regarding your career which can range from your career options and ways to improve job satisfaction. Just like you would go for treatment if you are struggling with a health issue, it makes sense to consult an expert when it comes to struggles with a career. It can really help to have experts support you and guide you through your choices and make sense of what options are available for you.

Just like a psychotherapist, a counselor first works with you to diagnose the issue. The aim is to get to the root of your struggles and aid your professional as well as personal development. The counselor will work with you to outline your goals in your life and what it is that you wish to achieve through your career. They will help you explore your options and narrow down your choices. Career counseling can be seen as therapy for your career and oftentimes it impacts your life satisfaction and overall well-being. A person’s career is a huge part of their life, being happy with your work can greatly impact your life satisfaction.

Common Reason Why People DOn’t Feel Satisfied

There are many reasons why someone may feel unsatisfied with their career. They can range from a lack of interest in the job at hand, feeling like they don’t fit it, feeling bored, or having unsuitable working hours.

Lack of interest: It is possible that one starts out pursuing a career for practical reasons such as the financial opportunities, the job incentives, or even social standing that comes with a particular career. At times the career choice may also be influenced by parental figures or peer pressure. It could also be a result of not knowing what your true passion is and simply choosing the most practical option. As a result, you may not have any real interest in your career and feel unsatisfied with it.

Feeling like an outsider: It is especially possible if you're in a career where you don’t fit the stereotypical image of a typical worker of the profession. This can make one feel like an outsider, that they don’t quite fit in and perhaps the career is not for them. It is not always true but the imposter syndrome can be a factor in any career one chooses and lead to stress and frustration.

Feeling bored: No matter what career you choose, there can come a time when you feel bored. It usually happens when you have settled into a routine and are not finding many challenges in your day to day operations. It is human nature to want variation and new experiences so when one does not get that, it can be an issue.

Unsuitable working hours: Every profession has its own working hours and days. What may suit you today, can be unsuitable tomorrow. It is especially a factor if your living situation has changed. For example if you started a family, you may not want a job that requires you to stay far from home.

There are of course many more reasons but the above-mentioned factors are usually the most common reasons why one may feel unsatisfied with their career.

Common Life Areas Which Can Be Affected

Career challenges can impact a variety of life areas. Whether you are happy or unhappy with your profession, it is bound to impact your life. Your career choices can impact the availability of personal time, lifestyle, health among other factors.

Personal time: Your career takes a considerable amount of time. If the jobs available provide time for you to engage in self-care, family time, etc then it will impact your personal time positively. On the contrary, some career choices may make it difficult to find personal time.

Lifestyle: Lifestyle covers a number of factors from your standard of living to your living environment. Your career will impact the kind of lifestyle you can have. Some career choices may give you more money to enjoy a more comfortable life but may leave you with no time to relish it. Meanwhile, some careers may require you to socialize more which can be challenging for those who struggle with social anxiety.

Health: Amongst all the factors, this is probably the most important. Your career choice can determine your physical and mental health. If you have to sit on a chair all day, you are at risk of being sedentary. Meanwhile, some career choices come with a lot of pressure and if not managed well can result in mental health issues.

It is important to acknowledge that these factors may be affected positively or negatively based on the career path you choose. It is possible to change your job for a better fit and not have to change your whole career path.

How To Find A Career That You Love

It is important to understand what you wish to get out of a career. For most people it is a combination of financial support, fulfilling a passion, and contributing to something meaningful. It is important to understand that you have some core needs that you need to fulfill through your career and then see what options are available for you. If you are stuck on what your needs are or what your options are then it is recommended that you reach out to a career counselor for guidance. You can also take free career tests online to see what may suit you, connect with like-minded people and consider their suggestions. It is a good idea to start with understanding your own strengths and weaknesses along with your passion to narrow down your options.

Overcoming Career Frustration Through Therapy

It is possible that you have already chosen a career path but have met with frustration due to a number of factors as outlined above. It is perfectly okay to reconsider your career choice or to see what other jobs might be available within the same industry that may suit your needs better. Alternatively, you can also come up with a plan to address factors that are making you unhappy with your career. All this can feel overwhelming but you don’t have to do it alone. There are experts available to help you. You can always consider psychotherapy or career counseling depending on your needs. A psychotherapist can help you get to the root of your struggles and a career counselor can help you change your situation.