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Sexual Health Counseling and Treatment

Sexual Health Counseling and Treatment

Sexual Health Paths

Free & easy exercises to help you
Mindfulness for Emotional Stress

Many people find it particularly painful and challenging to deal with emotional stress. Part of the reason is that people are not aware of what is behind their emotions, feel hopeless and/or numb. In this growth path we will uncover ways to befriend you

Support Plus Community

We support those with disabilities and health conditions that are not covered by the other 7 Cups Sub-Communities (including but not limited to Autism, ADHD and Hoarding). Progress path by @JessHobson.


Meditation is good for the soul. Please try doing some Meditation. Try to meditate for as long as you can.

Self love: today and everyday

Hello lovelies , self love is something we may know of but find it hard to incorporate in our lives , this path is a subtle attempt in helping move one step closer to giving self love a significant place in our lives. Glad to have you aboard 🤗❤