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Adjustment to Motherhood

Welcome! And congratulations on your new baby!

It’s not your imagination. Becoming a mother brings huge changes to a woman’s life.

Just a few common changes new moms can experience are:

  • New responsibilities and demands
  • Sleepless nights
  • Lack of time spent with family members, friends and coworkers
  • Hormonal changes
  • Recovery from childbirth
  • Body changes
  • Lack of time for yourself

Things Every New Mom Should Know

It is normal to find these changes difficult. But there are some important things to remember that can help you through the adjustment period:

The adjustment is temporary

You’ll become better at caring for your baby, and you’ll grow into your new role as mother. It takes time.

You are not alone

Many women experience the same things you are. This video explains some of the changes that commonly happen with motherhood.

Reaching out helps.

Talk to a friend or a family member about the changes you find hard. 7 Cups listeners are available any time you need to talk. When to Get Professional Help

It’s time to talk to a health professional if:

  • You feeling distressed by the changes of motherhood.
  • The adjustment takes a long time.
  • You have difficulty caring for your baby or completing everyday tasks.
Talk to an expert therapist
Talk to a Therapist