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Loneliness in New Moms

Many new moms feel lonely. They may not have anyone to talk to during the day because family members and friends are at work. They may feel too tired or worried to go out, either with or without the baby.

But loneliness can hurt our mental and physical health. This video can help you understand why it’s harmful to put distance between yourself and others.

Here’s what to do to prevent or help stop feeling lonely:

Seek Support

Give yourself permission to be away from your baby, even just for short time periods. This could mean leaving the child with your partner or asking a trusted family or friend to babysit.

Reach Out to Others

Call a friend and make plans. A lunch or a short coffee break can help you feel connected and recharged.

Meet Other New Moms

You are not alone. Join a new mom support group or a local mommy-and-me group so you can spend time with other parents and their babies.

Tell Others How You’re Feeling

Just talking to another adult can help. Pick up the phone or talk with a 7 Cups listener about your feelings and any concerns you may have.

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