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Autism is a disorder which affects about 1 in every 59 children in the United States. It is a spectrum disorder, which means two people with the disorder may exhibit very different signs and symptoms. While a diagnosis of autism can feel overwhelming and frightening, many people with autism live healthy and functional lives through targeted therapies. We offer online therapy for autism for anyone diagnosed with or supporting someone with this condition.

Signs and symptoms

There are a few signs that are hallmarks of autism. Though a person with autism may exhibit some or all of the signs, the nature of the disorder means it is highly individualized. Classic symptoms can include a delay in or absence of spoken language, difficulty making eye contact, repetitive mannerisms, little to no interest in peers, and obsessive preoccupation with hobbies or interests. There may be other symptoms and autism can also co-exist with other conditions like sensory or developmental disorders.

Most effective therapies for autism

It's never too early to begin therapy for someone suspected of having autism. Several types of therapies have proven highly effective at helping people with autism understand how to function in the greater world and find increased satisfaction with life. If you are a parent or caregiver of someone who has been diagnosed with autism, we understand that it is not only one of the most rewarding experiences but it can also be very taxing and stressful. Our online therapists are here to provide you with support and guidance that will help you acquire the skills you need to navigate the challenges that comes along with being a spectrum parent or caregiver.

Online therapy for autism

People with autism are beautiful, intelligent, and can lead happy, fulfilling lives. Our therapists offer a kind, listening ear to anyone dealing with a diagnosis or trying to determine how to best seek help. We can help you process the feelings that can follow after receiving an autism diagnosis and help empower you to find a path forward.

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