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Recent Reviews

“I've been working with Cate for over a year so I guess I can judge objectively. Cate is an excellent therapist. She's extremely caring and takes her work very seriously. She does so much more than what's required by the terms of service. She's not just a therapist, she's a real human who's walking with me on my journey. I think I can honestly say she's literally saved my life. What I appreciate the most is that she's always there for me and I can be fully honest with her. She's the only person with whom I can be fully open both about my life and the process of therapy itself. I'm not ashamed to share anything and unlike in real life, I'm not afraid to express my opinion. That's therapeutic to me as well. She's always trying to fit her methods to the client's needs. What has been the most helpful for me is the safe therapeutic relationship Cate is able to provide. She also has many useful tips on mindfulness, grounding and stress management. Although I still have a long way to go, I've definitely seen and felt a significant progress in the year of therapy with Cate Demirdogucu. ”

Received: September 11th
Therapist: @CatherineDemirdogucuDipCInstNH

“Very kind, informative, and attentive to me. I felt safe sharing my experiences.”

Received: September 9th
Therapist: @AlexEllisOschrinMFT

“She is a very good listener, empathetic and knowledgeable about appropriate treatments. ”

Received: September 7th
Therapist: @ChanelBowenLPC