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Trauma seems like a far-off and unclear concept until it happens to you. At that point, it becomes very personal and can take over our ability to relate to our friends, family and the world around us. 7 Cups offers online trauma therapy and treatment resources to help anyone seeking to cope with a event that is causing ongoing pain.

Large T and Small T Traumas

The types of trauma people most readily identify are large, life-changing events like violence, an accident, or natural disaster. These moments take control away from an individual and can leave them feeling distressed for weeks or even years. But most of us also experience small T' traumas, defined as an occurrence that is larger or lasts longer than our ability to deal with the stress involved. These can be anything from divorce or a new job to ongoing tensions like illness or unplanned home repairs.

Reactions To Trauma

When we experience trauma, our body and mind look for ways to categorize and deal with the impact of the event. Lacking the ability to do so, we may begin to feel sad, anxious, confused, exhausted, or even numb. If this continues, we may find ourselves in a place where we keep reliving the event and begin to experience sleep disorders, nightmares, flashbacks, fatigue, depression and even avoidance of things we think will bring on memories. It is important to process the emotions and find healthy ways to diffuse them in order to bring lasting relief.

Online Trauma Therapy with 7 Cups

Dealing with all types of trauma is an important part of emotional and psychological health. Even our physical health can be affected by trauma which can eventually lead to illness. 7 Cups is here to aid anyone who is looking for a listening ear and a place to begin to discuss trauma. Please speak with us today if you are seeking online trauma therapy and support.

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Recent Reviews

“Listening for and delivering that which truly matters in a very simple and straightforward manner is a gift not many possess. A few days work with Rain and I felt heard, understood, and on track with clearing out things that had been really holding me back for a while as well as uncovering new and worthwhile solutions. I suppose everyone has different needs in a therapist but she meets mine with grace and consistency. ”

Received: May 19th
Therapist: @RainMarieMFT

“Hannah helped me feel not so alone. She really listens and Actually helps instead of trying to lead me somewhere. ”

Received: May 19th
Therapist: @HannahCaradonnnaMSW

“Amazing and I feel like she genuinely cares. ”

Received: May 19th
Therapist: @RainMarieMFT