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Recent Reviews

“Melissa is an exceptionally kind, intelligent, supportive, and compassionate therapist. She was always present, thoughtful, and an encouraging voice of reason during a dreadfully challenging period of time in my life. Melissa is an excellent communicator, and her words are deeply helpful. ”

Received: June 19th
Therapist: @MelissaHummeltLMHC

“She is very good at her job and really pays attention to whatever you actually have to say. She has great suggestions and asks questions that make you think ”

Received: June 18th
Therapist: @DrStacyO

“Belle is an amazing person with thoughtful insights. She is so patient and willing to work with you through any kind of shenanigans that life throws at you. If more people were like her, this world would be a much better place. The past few months we have worked on coping mechanisms and learning to let intrusive thoughts go away. I know I personally have farther to go, but Belle has made the process so much easier and I cannot express my joy enough in knowing she has my back.”

Received: June 18th
Therapist: @BelleMillerLCSW