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Everyone worries. We worry about the people we love. We worry about making it to work on time. We worry about a lot of things in life because we care. But when we become overly concerned or anxious about problems or situations, it can lead to a spiral of negative thoughts. It can be easy to get sucked into worrying to the point that it keeps you up at night.

Worrying is a very normal part of life. However, when it becomes excessive and disrupts your everyday life, it can have negative impacts on both your physical and mental health. At 7 Cups, we offer online therapy for worrying to help you discover how to regain control of your thoughts and manage your worrying.

Why do people worry?

Worrying is completely normal and can sometimes lead you to make healthy decisions when faced with a problem or difficult situation. For example, when you're sitting in your home and you start to smell smoke, you might start worrying that something is on fire or burning. This type of worrying can lead to healthy decisions (and even save your life!)

However, when worrying prevents you from taking action and feels paralyzing, it starts to become a problem. It can lead to issues like anxiety, insomnia, and unhealthy eating habits. It can keep you from relaxing or enjoying everyday life. But with online therapy, you can discover ways to challenge your worrying so that you can begin your path to living healthier.

Online Therapy with 7 Cups

If you feel like worrying has overtaken your life, speak to one of our online therapists today. Our therapists are here to provide you with the support you need. We offer a space where you can be heard and understood. Let us help you start to ease your worries today.

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