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I have Trichophagia, I want to know if theres anyone else with it because I was told it is deadly, and it hurts :( So why do I have it, and is it rare?

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Last Updated: 05/02/2020 at 1:16am
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May 2nd, 2020 1:16am
I know this question was asked quite awhile ago but I’m still going to answer it in hopes you read it. I don’t have Trichophagia exactly but I do have Trichotillomania, so I still pull my hair as well as you do, I just don’t eat it. I’m pretty sure it’s not rare at all for I know quite a few people who pull their hair (in the least) as well, but a dangerous/extreme case of Trichophogia is pretty rare. The reason for these disorders is still unknown, but I’ve done lots of research on this topic and people say it can be caused by a traumatic experience, anxiety, or puberty. Hair pulling disorders a lot of the time are known as ways of coping with stress and anxiety, but then it only causes more stress and anxiety, so basically it’s like an ongoing cycle. But overall you aren’t alone, when I first stared pulling out my hair I thought I was the only one. Soon I found out it was a disorder and it made me feel a little better but it can still be hard. So stay strong, don’t give up, and do what you can to stay safe. ❤️
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