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I'd like some help with an eating disorder? Where can I get that and where do I start?

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Last Updated: 04/16/2020 at 6:58am
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My work with clients is to help them recognize and build on their strengths to find solutions for the conflicts presented in their lives.

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April 16th, 2020 6:58am
Hi there, I'm glad you came to 7 Cups to seek some support! There are a multitude of ways to find the help you need (and the majority of it is free!), but here are the main ones: The forums - you're on it now, and there are more than Q&As here. You could try going to a scheduled chatroom, looking through the ED posts/threads/sub-community, or taking a look at some previously asked questions. The main chatrooms - there are scheduled chatrooms (usually based on a particular subject - EDs, for instance) but also regular 24/7 chatrooms. There's COVID-19, Teen Community Room 24/7, and the Support Room 24/7 as well. All of these are online the majority of the time, and free to access. Browsing Listeners - you can search for specific/tailor-made listeners who can help with specific subjects/aspects of your issues. There are many different types, some that are better suited to ED discussion, so maybe check it out. Live 1-on-1 chats - you can go onto a waiting list and be paired up with a listener within (usually) 2mins. These can go quite well, but seeing as the higher ranked/verified listeners tend to be a little busier, you get a lot of new listeners (so for some more in-depth/experienced listening, you could try searching for one instead). Your progress/growth path - this is for working on gratitude, mindfulness, breathing techniques, and goal-setting (along with many other tasks). It's not based on any particular subject, but more about finding ways to deal with stress/anxiety by yourself. If you're waiting to be paired with a listener, or have sent one a message, this is a good activity to try while you wait. These are the main features of 7 Cups, but there are other aspects I haven't gone into. If you'd like to know more, or need some help navigating the site (or support for your ED struggles), go ahead and send me a message
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