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Talk to someone online about Getting Unstuck

Accidentally locking yourself in a room is stressful enough, but imagine that same stress, just mental. Crazy, right? Becoming “stuck” is common now-a-days, and can be overcame, but may seem daunting at first. When reaching out for the first time, you may even feel worse for a bit. At 7 Cups of Tea, the trained and active Listeners are here to help you with every step of the journey, and they have been in your shoes. We’re here to help you, and we are more than happy to do so. You deserve someone to talk to.

or talk to one of our listeners:


My Heart goes out to Humanity here to help ✨️Love philosophy and w...
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I'll be glad to help.❤️ -Aditi 😊  ...
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4.5 star rating


In the clean water under the sunlight, even the sand looks dazzling. B...
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5.0 star rating


Willing to listen to all but specialize in those dealing with kink-sha...
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A Friend who won't judge you. Feel free to text me. ...
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“Very helpful and respectful ”

Received: February 7th
Listener: @politePeace24

“amazing listenr”

Received: February 7th
Listener: @usefulWords400

“amazing listeners”

Received: February 7th
Listener: @alwayyshere