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Talk to someone online about Self-Harm

When someone experiences significant stress, depression, fear, or distress, they may resort to self-injury in an effort to cope with the problems they are facing. No matter how out of control your life may seem right now, there are other ways you can cope that wont result in your being harmed. Request a conversation with one of our listeners and talk to them about your urge to hurt yourself. They will help ensure that you are safe and that you find another outlet for expressing the anguish you may be feeling. You can also read the Self Harm Guide to learn new ways to cope with whatever life challenges you may be facing.

or talk to one of our listeners:


When you've been fighting for it all your lifeYou've been struggling t...
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My name is putra20 year old , I am not only here to be a listener but ...
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I'm here to listen to you. ...
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Hey! I'm glad you found me! I hope you are doing good today. If not, ...
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Recent Reviews

“he was very helpfull. i can think clearly again :)”

Received: February 4th
Listener: @awesomeSpace8671

“Very kind and sweet, it was nice talking to them”

Received: February 4th
Listener: @Marje

“Eve1892 was an amazing listener. She was highly responsive and fun to chat with. Furthermore, she was polite and kind. I really enjoyed her responses, and she understood my situation. The chat made me feel much better. Fantastic conversation!”

Received: February 4th
Listener: @Eve1892