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AffyAvo |
Member - Meaningful Journey 13

Pronouns - She/Her

I prefer to be called Affy, and will also respond to AffyAvo and Avo (although it can be confusing in group chats). Please no other hypocorisms or terms of endearment without asking my permission.

I'm married, in my 30s and trying to live well with hereditary angioedema and multiple other chronic illnesses.
I'm a scientist and am a believer in science based medicine, while being open to plausible medical treatments that have minimal evidence as that's a big point of having science - to find out what is true! I do see pseudoscience for what it is, mostly scams.

I am an IV drug user. I am tired of the stigma that IV drug users are addicts. I do IVs on myself (although preferably at least have a helping hand!) so that I can be a bit healthier. Learning to do this was a big challenge for me so I don't need anyone to dump on this.

This is a series of images of someone (not me) with HAE facial swelling, to show the type of swelling that I fear and deal with, although mine tends to be internal:

HAE is what brought me to 7 Cups years ago, but since then I have discovered I have other rare illnesses as well. Getting to the point of diagnosing some of these involved trauma from the medical system.

If you are supporting me, please do not misdiagnose me or suggest my illnesses are not real. Getting proper diagnoses has been exhausting and at times painful. I have seen many medical health professionals, including those who primarily deal with mental health so I do not need your inexpert opinion that my throat attacks are not actually HAE but rather are panic attacks - they AREN'T! Yes, living with multiple serious illnesses leads to anxiety. Anxiety that I experience does not manifest as symptoms of my serious illnesses.

Please forgive typos, I have fairly severe dermatitis at times and it does affect my vision. I am using my phone instead of computer a fair bit when the computer screen appears to blurry and I make a lot of mistakes tapping on my phone.

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