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heartI'm here to listen and understand heart

enlightenedAbout me:

I'm a 21 year old panxsexual female. I am kind and understanding but I do not tolerate threats or agreessive behaviour towards me. I do however understand more topics than most because of my past and my own personal background.

I am a very open and understanding person, I forgive easily if not too easily. My chatroom is a safe zone, a judgement free zone where you can be understood and loved from a distance. Where you will never have to worry about impressions or that I will judge you. I judge nobody. 

I go by the saying Treat others like you would want them to treat you. I practise what I preach. And I put respect and honesty above all. 

enlightenedTopics that I don't take:

* Religion (I have a great knowledge of religion but can not help, listen to, nor deal with spirituality and problems regarding religion) 

* suicide (any mention of it is a trigger) 

* self harm (excplicit talk about self harm is something I want to avoid as it is a trigger) 

* Any and all sex chats. They are not allowed. I am however open to talk to about sexual problems, needs and anything else sex related just not sex chats as they are inappropriate and will not be tolerated! 

enlightenedTopics that I have personal experience with: 

* abuse (parental, bullying and spouse. Physical and mental.) 

* bullying (physical and mental) 

* self harm 

* Suicidal thoughts, ideations and attempts. (not a tipic to bring up though) 

* Sexual harrassment and rape. (several) 

* Guilt 


* Éating dissorders

* Drug use

* Closed psych wards 


* Aspergers/Autism 

* Depression 

* Anxiety/social anxiety 

* Greif 

* BDSM, sexual education 

* Cancer

* Dissassociation 

* Psychosis 

enlightenedTopics that I really like. 


* Aspergers 

* Sexual education, sex in general exept for sex chats! 

Poetry written by me on my personal profile (do not copy, that's called stealing and is a crime) 

enlightenedheartTRIGGER WARNING (but a motivational poem) 

"Standing my ground" - Me 

needles, lighters, don't bring up those past fighters,

seeing reality while looking for immortality,

in something that could ki*ll you,

or sometimes fulfill too.

as I hung up the no*ose,

made sure it wasn't too loose.

Suddenly a plate stood before me,

crushed up stones looking like snow,

glittering and glimmering,

catching my eye, changing my life.

Like a person jumping from a burning building,

drugs is my net, and nothing has as of yet;

been able to help me as much as being in this steady roulette.

Because I'm cursed if I don't and I'm cursed if I do.

Putting poisons in my intestines, to cope with I've gone through.

but I'm not asking for your weeping, nor your sympathy,

all I'm asking is understanding of the person in this symphony,

because I'm writing with rhythm and I'm writing with notes,

but it's different what I'm hearing in mine to all these other folk,

I'm not begging for forgiveness, though I used to be,

I used to plead and beg and ask for them too see,

begging them to let me know that it is okay just to be me.

because everyone always told me what I needed to be,

what I needed to feel, what I needed to do, then told be "boho",

stop crying wipe your tears and your ass and go back to school.

I was mentally tortured for years I endured.

held down, screamed at until I believed what they said,

they said I was a hag, they called me a whore, they told me I was psycho from the second I was born. They told me I needed help and that I was mentally challenged, they told me all the abuse was my fault and I believed them because they were my parents.

or at least they should have been,

and I faulted myself for letting them in,

into my head where they poked and prodded,

as they held me down, I fought for my life.

But I had fought for so long.

and my knees had weakened

I was exhausted beyond word

and I fell into an even darker world

but then suddenly I woke up,

I screamed and my mind started back up,

I had finally had my breakthrough,

smacked with a pan straight out of the blue,

maybe to the drugs in my system a uncoordinated brew.

but why has no matter,

somehow it was,

that I could finally rise and climb back up.

But I used all my power,

so now I'm devoured,

but I am not weak,

I may be scared and bleek,

but I have never been anything other than strong,

lets all go along,

take each others hands and try to move on,

together we can conquer death,

and life can be prolonged.

By me - / (anonomous poetry webbsite not an ad)

Thank you for reading this far, if you have. Start out conversation by leaving me a message saying. "Nothing is real. Everything is permitted." - quote from Altaïr, Assassins creed 1 
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Feedback & Reviews
A really sweet person really helped wouldn't know what would happen if I didn't talk with her
awesome person, couldn't recommend them any more!
Alexijah was great to talk to and was extremely helpful. I would recommend talking to Alexijah if youre feeling down as she is great to talk to and will make you feel better.
She was so open caring and kind. Just an amazing person to chat to
loved it! awesome chat!
A truly amazing person!!
She listens to me and she gives me tips on how to handle it.
Smart and kind. I liked her or him. She or he can improve herself or himself anyway.
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