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Hi! Welcome to my userpage :) you can call me Arc! I am a listener and am happy to listen to you if you need to let something out or talk about something. I love to see people doing their best and that includes you! If I'm offline, then send me a message and we can set up a time to connect. Feel free to have a chat if I am online, there is no need to be shy (maximum one hour). If I can help that would make me happy too. To me there are no limits and nothing that you can't talk about. I am happy to take long term members!

However if your topic is about breakups or transgender in particular, I may not be the best listener for you and I would ask to find one more suited for that.



My awesome twin is knowledgeable about these areas @GentleFlameofCaring! If you need immediate help or it is something urgent, you can also click on this link and specify your search to what you are looking for. I hope you get the help you need!

Here are some help guides: 
LGBTQ+ Resources-

Panic attack-

Identifying goals and being proactive-


Overall health-


"cherish and protect this world, for it is our home and the home of those not yet born. so immense, yet so fragile. so secure, yet so easily destroyed by selfishness and hatred" Path to peace; Venerable Wuling

Sometimes the only person that can be your therapist is yourself

Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, 'What's in it for me?' Brian Tracy

 We cannot be someone else. We can only be the best version of ourselves and that is the best thing we can offer. But as we aspire and work hard, realise you are the most perfect you can be now in the present. You do not have to do something or to change- you are okay, perfect and enough right now and don't let anyone tell you otherwise or bring you down.  Be content but never stop improving, once you stop opening your mind, you will no longer learn or improve in life and will stagnate your time. The present is a moment in time we will not get back so appreciate it dearly. 

Don't live for those that are negative or try to bring you down. Remember that you are your own independent being and live for yourself first. Only you can look after you and meet your needs and life purpose until the end. Keep close your loved ones and those who make you happy and remove those who bring no good to your life, they do not belong there. It is key to good quality of life. You are worth every ounce of that effort.  


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Feedback & Reviews
It was my first conversation and it was a great help. Thank you!
Very caring and understanding persom
Really good listener, loving the chat with him
so amazing and helpful. really cares
Really helped me to get out from a dark place. I was struggling with anxiety and after chatting with this person i felt much better and more calm.
They were very helpful
kind, seems compassionate.
a good listener, always compliments!
Very nice and helpful
Awesome and very helpful :)
He listened really well to my issue and helped me sort it out to the point where I knew how to fix it and where to begin. Helpful, caring, and supportive. Great talk with him.
Really great app!
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