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Dear members/listeners. 
I am so sorry for all the messages I haven't responded to in the last couple of weeks. I have some health problems which caused me to be admitted to the hospital. I'm undergoing treatment right now and that is my priority at the moment. I'm not sure when I will be able to get back to my roles and you all on here. I hope soon! I miss you all and stay strong! Don't worry I will be fine I just need some time to adjust to this treatment<3 Talk soon lovelies!

Hello! Welcome to my profile.

✧ About me ✧
My name is Daphne and I'm 26 years old.

I am in law school but work as a realtor part-time too. I studied psychology for about 2 years but made the change to law after. I have also been through some challenging times in life and have experienced things I wish I didn't but then again, it made me into this person I am today. I wanted to use my own experience, knowledge and time to help others so that's how I ended up here :)!

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✧ Topics I will discuss ✧
I am open to discussing a wide range of topics and will never judge. I'm a very open-minded person so don't hesitate to bring something up you may feel uncomfortable with. I am more specialized in depression, family/relationship, anxiety and student topics.

✧ Topics I won't discuss ✧
I do not discuss religion, racism, spirituality and cancer. While these are not topics that make me uncomfortable, they are areas that I am unfamiliar with and I do not feel as if I'll be able to provide adequate support for you. If you are looking for support for these topics, please click here to browse other listeners.

Please note that while I do not discuss the aforementioned topics, my profile is inclusive to all and I will not judge nor discriminate no matter your age, gender identity, sexuality, religion, race, or current state of mental/physical/emotional wellbeing.

✧ Availability ✧
I live in the Netherlands so my standard time is UTC +1 Central European Time. I am online on different times of the day depending my own schedule. You can always send me a message when I am offline and I will get back to you when I am available again. You can also send a request to schedule a chat if that works better for you. If you appreciate our conversation, please let me know in a review! Not only does it help me work on my skills as a listener, but it helps others know that they are in good hands if they decide to reach out to me! Click this link to read about why you should submit a review after a chat with a listener.

Thank you for visiting my profile, and I will do my best to provide the support you need!
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"You are not a bad person for the ways you tried to kill your sadness"
"It may be stormy now, but it never rains forever"
"Nothing in the world can trouble you as much as your own thoughts"
"She's everything even when treated like nothing"

"I hope you know that you deserve it all. The best, the most honest, the most beautiful and purest love in the world. Not only to be loved by others, but to be loved by yourself. To look in the mirror and think: Yes I am exactly who I want to be! To speak up and be proud of yourself. To be brave and open. You deserve the nicest and most caring people to walk into your life. You deserve it all, you know, the whole world! And you should NEVER forget."
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Feedback & Reviews
Perfect in every way!
she was really sweet with me, and supported me during the whole conversation. Thank you Daphne :)
Thank you my friend. May God bless you! Thank you for listening and not judging and just being there for me.
Amazing listener, great conversation, definitely helped me during a hard time!
Beautiful spirit and she listens plus helps to make you feel Better
Extremely easy to talk to. She gives off an amazing calming energy.
Daphne is the best! She helped me a lot tonight. Thank you Daphne :)
Thanks for your practical help.
Such an amazing listener, such a good conversation, didn’t make me feel judged, felt safe talking to her
Daphne in one word: Awesome. Thanks for the lovely chat, you are a gem.
Really receptive, kind, understanding and was able to usher me in the right direction to solve my query. A really nice person.
She's not only patient and attentive, she's also very kind and supportive but always very genuine. I'm glad I found her. I feel so much better than when I came here. I can only recommend talking to her. She's wonderful!
Such a kind soul! Very patient; willing to listen and even ask questions in order to really understand my position
Very helpful and patient.
SUPER kind and very easy to have a conversation with! Asks a lot of questions to get a better understanding instead of just make assumptions. 10/10!
Good listener. Had empathy and really tried to understand where I was coming from.
This listener is really active as far as giving me the space and time to actually respond. I love that they really let me think about what I am about to say and the effort that they put in to understanding what I am going through.
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