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Hydrangea03 |
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Hi, I’m Hydrangea (yes, just like the flower!). My pronouns are they/them.

Dear listeners, please read this before we chat:

1. I have trouble processing information, so I hope you don’t mind to elaborate what you mean if I tell you I don’t quite understand.
2. Please use the nicest tone possible when chatting with me. I’m very sensitive and may pick up your tone as inflammatory and rude even if you don’t mean to be so.
3. Please try to engage the conversation forward - I’m awful at keeping conversations up, so please, help me TwT.
4. Please don’t give me unsolicited advice.
5. If (for any reason at all) you’d like to terminate our chat, please let me know beforehand. I have serious abandonment issues. You don’t have to say why, but please don’t simply leave without notice.
6. Thank you for being there for me!
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