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RideaRainbow |
Listener - Exemplar 15

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There's nothing more beautiful than a rainbow...

But it takes both rain and sunshine to make one...

If life is to be rounded and many colored like rainbow....

Both joy and sorrow must come to it...

Have a Great Day....!!!


   I am ' Country Leader India ' !!!   

India has its own sub-community.... #NamasteIndia, I am its leader. Click on the link given below & get on board !!!


 Colors of India !!!



Quote of Acceptance :

When we don't accept an undesired event, it becomes Anger,

when we accept it, it becomes tolerance.

When we don't accept uncertainty, it becomes fear,

When we accept it, it becomes an adventure, 

When we don't accept other's bad behavior towards us, it becomes hatred,

When we accept it, it becomes forgiveness.

When we don't accept other's success, its becomes jealousy,

When we accept it, it becomes an inspiration.

Acceptance is the key to handling life well !!


 Roles I have on 7 cups :

@ Quality Mentor, @ Forum Mentor, @Group Moderator,  Community Mentor Leader & Leader of India Sub Community #NamasteIndia @Leader of Student Support Room, @ Member VL Team, @Verified AdultTeen Listener , @Peer Support., @Social Soldier.

My Twins are : @CalmSea76, @PacificSunrise, @dancingRainbow45 


Have over 516 Ratings out of which 200 are with 4+ stars. Big thank u to all for their lovely heart touching words ! 


" Surrender doesn’t mean the absence of action. Be active; be dynamic, but not obsessed withthe feverishness about fulfilling the desires "

Why I Chose to be a Listener !!!

I love to make a meaning of my life growing inwards with every experience and day. I am been through rough patches in life and came out of them...WISER....HAPPIER.... AND AT PEACE WITH MYSELF. Would be my pleasure to be there for you !!!

Life has a special meaning since I became a Listener on this forum...each review about me propels me to be a better person and be there for each one of u beyond 100%...

I am here bcoz life is all about CARING....SHARING.....GIVING and above all LISTENING !!!!!! 

So plz come talk your heart out to me, I promise to listen to u from my heart! 

" Making one person smile :) can change the world--- Maybe not the entire world, but their world !!! "

That's why am here.......FOR U !!!


"The Happiness Of Your Life Depends On The Quality Of Your Thoughts"


* Words which symbolize my profile pix :

" O silent lover, seeker of the highest plains,
may the Beloved always be with you "


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Number of Ratings: 560
Number of Reviews: 194
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Hindi
Listener Since May 27, 2015
Last Active in last week
Progress Path Step 662
Cheers 441,270
People Helped 1,288
Chats 4,793
Group Support Chats 556
Listener Group Chats 279
Forum Posts 2,764
Forum Upvotes 3,481
Feedback & Reviews
A being who went to great lengths of making me comfortable eventhough I had anxiety and timid, one of the best listeners I have ever come across, can't thank enough :)
Nice, helpful and kind listener
Loved it! Awesome chat! Thank you RideaRainbow.
She is a very kind-hearted humble listener and also she treated me well without judging me. Thank you so much for helping us. God bless you!
I like her - she's great fun to talk to and although I haven't come to her with serious issues, I know that she would provide great support if I did.
Friendly and supportive
thank you for the continuous support
Very caring, she took the time to listen to my situation and was genuinely interested in helping me. Thanks!
RideaRainbow is the leader for the chatroom that I usually log on to, and she is great in person. She is definitely one of the listeners that help me.
Tani is seriously the kindest listener I've met! She always gives me time when I need to talk to someone, she helped me through a tough point of my life. She definitely acts like my elder sister! I just simply love her! I am so lucky to have come across her and had the chance to talk to her. She understands me better than most people, and she knows what it's like being a teenager. Would recommend to everyone! ❤ I hope to speak to you soon Taniii -Ria 💙
i like em they're very attentive^^
They are so kind and helpful I love that! And they gave me a great idea!❤️
Very kind and welcoming
Very understanding and helpful
Helpfull and friendly
Thank you so much! I don't think I've ever found this much help and comfort in a listener yet. I really appreciate you spending your time chatting with me.
Very kind and empathetic
Very good listener.
Tani, an inspiration, its worth having a conversation . World needs more of Tani. :)
It was lovely and much much needed. You are really the help I needed and didn't realise. Thank you so much much. I sincerely Wish for great things for you :)
Very compassionate , felt like I could talk openly with her. She’s got a really kind heart. ❤️
A really good lis
Great, very supportive
They are a great help and are really helping me.
Thanks a lot!
She's a great person.
Really good listener thank you so much for taking your time ❤
Great and helpful! Excellent listener! Everything the best!
extremely passionate and loving
Tani is really amazing I love her
I trust you Tani Just like I do trust my mom!
Really sweet and helpful.
Great feedback
sister helped me a lot
One word: perfect
Tani is amazingly helpful. Speaks from the heart and uses wisdom to guide you in a positive direction. So very thankful for the insight provided by this great listener.
Ridea is great to keep company and listen patiently. x
Very helpful to talk to her! Thank you!
I'm glad there's people out there that will listen to me and hear me out
best listener on this forum
Very caring and sweet. But didn't sugar coat it. I like straightforward people like her.
Loved her, she is so kind and compassionate. ❤❤❤❤
I love Miss Tani... She is like a member of my family closest to me. :*
she is great motivator
Very good.
Thank you so much! Very helpful.
Very receptive, a good listener and provides insight. Thank you!
Well, blessing in disguise. She is the one. Pure and practical. Very influential even known her a bit. She made me realise, this is your life. Live in the present and enjoy. She is the best. Love her❤️
We exchanged messages for a while before recently finding each other online at the same time. What a lovely and helpful lady! I am excited to have connected with her and I look forward to more conversations.
One of the best human being I have seen in my life. I mean every word of it.
she is very motherly and practical
she taught me life lessons. she is so sweet and caring. I love you rainbow
sweetest woman on earth
My situation dealt with cheating. It was nice to open up to someone about it without having backlash. While I know it was very hard to empathize and give advice on my scenario, I definitely appreciated the professionalism and time still taken to speak with me.
really nice, relaxed, great about chronic pain!
Sir is really good. Sir can never be more good.
A TRULY HELPFUL LISTENER..... many thanks.... you are appreciated:-)!
Excellent talking.
Shes amazing. Thank you God for her. My time with her was a blessing.
Very helpful
rainbow was very helpful
and understanding
RideaRainbow is always positive and will try to help you view your situation in a better light
Very professional, great presence and very helpful. Would definitely recommend.
Tani is awesome... she's vry sweet.. nd smhw she made me feel warm... loved talkin to hr.. :)
She's a really good human being. Understands me and is full of positivity :-) Talking to her really cheers me up.
She is a very faithful and a positive minded person. Her talks kept me gripped the whole duration of the chat. She is too committed a listener who values the people who approach her for help. A wonderful person to talk too. She is mature, honest and leads you to the correct solution. She is caring and compassionate too. I found a sister and a good friend. I never felt I was talking to her for the first time. I sincerely request her to continue the good job she is doing on 7 cups of tea. Through listening, I am sure she is making people leave the chat with a smile or a sense of relief. I wish her all luck. Stay Blessed!!
You are really nice and helped me talk about my darkest feeling easily and overcome the depression I've been feeling over a week. Thank you!
very helpful
This listener was so nice, and helpful. Very positive and kind, made me feel so much better right away.
They were so nice and helpful!!
An amazing listener!!!!
so so so so friendly listener
Understanding and helpful a great listener and very nice person
I was so completely mentally exhausted today. Communicating with RideaRainbow completely turned my day around and eased my anxiety. She left me with something that I will always have on my mind and in my heart now, it was like a confirmation of what I know to be true, but because of all of the confusion and chaos going on around me, I almost forgot. What a wonderful blessing to the world!
She's a very helpful listener. She was very patient throughout my rants and did not try to advise uselessly.
This middle aged Indian lady has become my best friend in only the 68 minuter we have chatted.
Amazing listener
Good listener very helpful
Extremely helpful. They listened to my problem and helped me through it.
This Listener was facilitating an Adult Academic session and I indicated I was struggling with a writing project. She took time to meet with me 1:1. I understand she has been very active on this site -- a mentor, peer support and many other roles. I found her to be an amazing listener, and as we talked, we learned we had things in common -- so she was able to relate to me where I'm at -- she is an EXCELLENT Peer Support as well. Thank you for the opportunity to meet and talk with her -- and for having this site. I am not able to financially support the site at this time (student) but I do work to get the word out. It is wonderful Listeners, such as RideaRainbow that make this site such an amazing and helpful resource for so many. Thanks again.
She was always do kind and really helped me understand my mom better :) thank you
Very polite, helped me out and listened to me rant about silly things. Helped me calm down, great listener :)!
Amazing listener ☆☆☆☆☆
Very kind and sweet person. She was willing to listen and offer suggestions. No many people in the world left that are willing to talk and offer positive insight. Can't wait for the next chat!
She really helped me see the bright side
Super quick response time! Helped me realize what's important in my life! Do recommend this person if you're lost!
She's so nice
So nice!
Very sweet person really wants to understand what's going on
He/She's amazing! Nice person to talk to.
lets just say that im thankfull that theres people like you are out there
wish you all the best in your life too
Helpful and calming
very encouraging , helpful and friendly listener
Amazing person made me feel like I am apart if there family
Very good person and listener. Honest and empathetic.
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