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Talk about your sexual and kink/fetish issues, I'm here to offer support in those areas.

I'm sorry but I'm not taking chats from guests.

Right now I'm limiting chat lengths to about 30 minutes, more if I'm not too busy. Feel free to leave me a message and some information about your issue if I don't respond to your chat request.

About me: Hello! I'm a 39 year old hetrosexual male from the UK, you can call me Sentry. You can talk to me about your sexual and fetish issues, how they make you feel in general and what issues you face related to them. I'll do my best to offer you a judgment free platform with which you can express your feelings, ideas and thoughts. Please feel free to ask me any questions you have too, I'll do my best to answer those. If it helps you to know, I have personal experience primarily with BDSM and DDLG style relationships but I'm open to talking about any fetish including all those in the image below, I'm also open to talking about porn/sex addiction. I'm afraid I don't take any chat requests relating to anything else, and I'm also sorry but relationship issues do not count if they are unrelated and also I don't talk about any issues that involve self harm, suicidal thoughts or that involve you currently abusing another person.

What you can expect from me: I'm here to have genuine conversations about these issues, and that usually involves me asking you questions and giving you feedback that I feel is relevant to your situation. That may also involve me having a different opinion than you do, so if you're not interested in having conversations or getting feedback then I'm not the right listener for you, though any feedback should only be related to what you tell me or ask me. My style of thinking goes along the lines of rationality and reason, I believe in humanism and I'm an atheist if that matters to you. I'm only able to help you with the issues you personally experience, so I can't help you if you're talking on behalf of someone else. Also please don't copy and paste me large blocks of text/story, I don't like doing things that way and it gets too confusing for me. This should really go without saying, but if you're abusive towards me, disrespectful, sexist, racist, call me names, belittling or trying to shame me in any way I wont hesitate to end the chat, I don't appreciate any of that.

If you've made it this far, good!! Check out this cool study on fetishes and their popularity among men and women in relation to how people feel about them.

Final thoughts: There is nothing wrong with thinking about or feeling a particular way, we cannot control what causes arousal for ourselves but we can control whether we act on those feelings. If your issue has come to a point where you are currently acting on abusive or illegal actions, please consider getting professional help right away to help you to stop, as I cannot help you. Abusive or illegal actions consist of but are not limited to any sexual acts towards another person without consent, taking personal belongings without consent, causing physical or mental distress to another without consent, spying on an unknowing participant(s), and sexual acts with animals, corpses or children under the age of consent. Please note that I'm specifically talking about actions here, it is NOT illegal to think about doing any of these things (fantasies), and it's also not necessarily harmful to think about these things despite what other "non judgemental" listeners think.

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Feedback & Reviews
Such a good guy very open non judgement will listen to you
Good listener. Awesome
Good listener, dealt with me even after I was difficult
Great great great
Sentry was a great listener who asked insightful deep questions which make you understand yourself better. He offers open minded and non-judgemental listening. And is interested in learning about new perspectives and life. Thank you for being there
Best listener i have ever talked to !
He was so understanding and kind! I've never felt less judged before. Thank you so much!
Cooperative, helpful and respects you and your word.
*Deeply* heartening to know you can some across someone capable about being intellectualized when it comes to sexuality and related issues! xD .
Extremely patient, kind and compassionate. I felt so comforted. Thank you 😄
He is one of the best listeners I stumbled upon in 7cups. I was afraid I might be exposing myself or putting myself in bad hands but he was VERY professional and did the listening quite well. If you need to talk about something very distressful (specially the topic he states) , go ahead.
Really cares and listens well.
I was worried and was dealing with a lot. He took the time to listen, made me feel heard and empathized well. I ended up staying for longer than I expected and it took things off my mind. Thank you!
Sentry is great. He is very understanding and approachable. Read his bio fully first as his area of expertise is niche. If you work within his remit you will have a fantastic experience.
Very patient and thorough in his/her explanations. Lots of insight that was helpful to me. Keep up the good work!
great listener!
Fantastic! This listener was very helpful.
Great guy! Awesome listener and had the perfect balance between sharing his own life experience and listening compassionately!
Friendly listener
True to his bio, great guy!
Awesome person - listened to my issues and didn’t judge at all!
Very helpful and understanding
Good listener, really atentive
very helpful chat, gave me another point of view to look at my sexual issues
Genuinely helpful advice and wonderfully patient
So easy to talk to! And open!!!
Amazing person to talk to.
I felt safe, comfortable and not judged while talking about uneasy things. He is a really an incredible great and empathetic listener!
he's a very understanding, compassionate, understanding and warm person
He is a really caring listener
Sentry is an amazing listener ! ♥️ Sentry knows how to help you and really understands !
he is such a great listener and handles tabboo topics professionally
Very respectful and attentive to details. Was a wonderful person to communicate with, because genine and non-dangerous.
really cool person
Helpful person and a good listener. I wish his Good luck.
Very helpful and underatanding!
He is the best listener i have ever come across on this or any site...undersrands my problem appreciate everything abt him...thank u
You are doing great. Thank you for listening. :)
Take the time to read his profile. He is a great listener and does understand without making you feel judged
Very kind and helpful!
Very understanding
Great listner. Really made a difference to how i feel about alot of thigs and helped me see a light at the end of the tunnle thank you
Very wonderful and understanding guy! One of the very few people who understand what a little truly needs🤗🦋💜
incredibly kind!
really helpful! made me feel so much better and helped me understand things more :)
Very good
Surprisingly knowledgeable!
Thank you for being so kind and understanding. It was absolutely comforting to talk to you.
Easy to talk to and understood me so well. I felt so much better after talking to him since he normalized my issue and I did not see me as a bad or weird person and was just there for me.
Very helpful listener, was a little worried about approaching the topic because of the subject matter. Thankfully he was very professional about it, and was about be to feel comfortable and able to talk freely without worry. Wonderful listener, and thank you sentry.
Very helpful
Very nice
Understanding and genuine
she's awesome
He really tried to help me through a hard time.
He is good!
Sentry was incredibly supportive and professional, especially with sensitive and difficult (for me) subject matter. He helped me feel comfortable, was very attentive, open, and easy to talk to,
The listener appears to show that they are interested in being an ear to listen to me and wants to do what they can to help deal with thoughts and emotions and move on
Love her
Easy to talk to
Ace listener. Listened very well and responded without judging, jumping to conclusion or attempting to 'fix' me quickly.
Kind and understanding
Thank you Sentry for listening to me and your kindness. thank you for helping me i appreciate your support
Thank you. It means alot.
Thank you for your time, for everything! :)
Really fast responses and also really helpful! One of the best listeners ever :)
Erm, what can I say? You might not think at first but he's a funny and a sweet guy :) I personally enjoyed talking to him!
great person to talk to, very caring and helpful!
Best listener I had so far
Thank you!
Thank you so much!
Very patient and very quick to reply! If you have any worries and want an honest and sincere observation and discussion this is the person for you
I liked that he was straight forward with what he was saying. It was exactly what I needed to hear. Our conversation has really helped me to get closure and feel more at ease over things. Thank you very much!
Thank you very much,you have been so patient and caring with me.
You are a wonderful person to talk to.

Excellent listener
A truly excellent listener. Full attention and thoughtful kind presence through difficult mature subject matter. Thanks for your kind words and gentle coaching through my tricky situation :)
really great listener
Very helpful! ❤
Super nice and relatable. Understands what I am going threw and is supportive about it.
Cool listner
Sentry is a really positive person. He made me think about my problem without forgetting how I feel about myself. I really enjoyed seeing all my troubles through his eyes. It changed my perspective of things. Thank you, Sentry!
If you need someone to listen and cheer you up... this is the person you need to talk to!
Thank you for the help and for listening.
Thank you for listening. You have a good heart. I wish you all the best in life
very thoughtful, great listener, and isn't afraid to be blunt and honest in a helpful way.
This person gets you. As raw and heartbreaking the reality is , this person helps you see it.
Very calm. Very interested in "the whole story" before speaking. I felt very comfortable very quickly.
Excellent. Helpful, comforting.
Great advice and awesome listening
This person was awesome to talk to, I felt like I was talking to a really close friend and this person aided me through my most difficult time. Thanks for listening to me and being there pal. I hope to talk to you again, you were very helpful and made me feel at ease
Wow... suffice it to say that I was able to speak with them about a very complicated and difficult to explain topic that I've tried to vent about many times before and never quite gotten what I needed. I felt they understood very well and gave really solid advice and some new perspectives on my problem. It's true what they wrote in their bio about their being blunt. Caring and attentive, but honest. If that's what you need I highly recommend them. 5/5 across the board.
Experienced, extremely helpful, compassionate, and awesome person.
Thanks Sentry for explaining to me the breathing technique when i was anxious. Also thank you for connecting with me not just as a listener, but like another being who cares. Love.
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