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Listener - Scholar 7

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Not taking new member chats currently due to the need for self-care. Hoping to be back to regular programming in July/August 2020. Thank you for your patience and understanding. heart 

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Hello there, I'm Tristan.

I work as a creative by day, craft and metalsmith by night, and am an all around lover of rock and metal music. But to many of my friends, I'm also the person they turn to when in need of a listening ear. Having demons is an unfortunate part of life. But I believe that sharing the load makes things a little lighter, and that having loving and empathetic discussions can give us fresh perspective that illuminate our decisions and next steps.

Some topics that I am partial to include:
- LGBTQ+ issues (I'm non-binary and demisexual)
- Non-traditional relationships, including non-monogamy and BDSM
- Sexual health
- Relationships and breakups
- Setting boundaries
- Anxiety / social anxiety

I also support the community through these leadership roles:
- LGBTQ+ Chatroom Moderator
- Listener Verifier
- Peer Supporter
- Safety Patrol Team

Please drop me a message if you need info as a listener or would like my input on leadership roles. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. :)
Number of Ratings: 32
Number of Reviews: 29
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since May 12, 2019
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Gender Non-Binary
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Feedback & Reviews
Great job :) thanks for her help
this listener is extremely supportive and understanding, takes time to understand your situation and come up with ways to help. definitely the best listener i've had by far!
The best listener on this site, so caring and understanding. Conversations do not feel rushed and is very empathetic to whatever issue you throw at them. Very grateful for this listener.
Extremely helpful, gives good advice in a mature way, very understanding and a good listening ear :))
Tristan was like a life saver! He's such a good listener and he helped me feel better in just a single session of listening. This guy really cares and he's so professional. Best listener ever!
Very kind and a good listener.
Great chatting, let me say everything, and move all it from my chest, i said everything and they never cut me, just to say something important, glad, keep going YO ❤️
A very patient and empathetic, kind and supportive listener, who takes the time and effort to listen to you, understand your situation, and write well - thought out answers, with empathy and reaffirmation. Also suggested ways to help me improve my situation. Somebody who actually genuinely cares about helping people here. Thank you.
Super knowledgeable and kind. Understanding and funny!
Supportive and caring, Is patient and does not hesitate to help even if your problem seems complicated. Helped me clear my mind, does not just listen to you. Helps you get to the root of the problem and solve it, I know that if you send their a message will care about you. Really helpful!
really Helpful!
This person is an amazing listener and very understanding and supportive. They've helped me a lot and are willing to work with me to find times we can chat that are convenient for me
Seven is very kind and compassionate. Willing to go out of her way to help others.
Very good. It was great.
I dare say, outside of the brackets of “listener” Tristan is a truly wonderful person. They were very good at putting one at ease, and giving the space to share personal things without pressure or expectation of doing so, while still expressing a certain care and interest. It was clear they cared about the individual behind the screen, and I’m immensely grateful for their time and thoughtful responses. As someone who does not talk about things of this nature often or at all, I consider myself very fortunate to have been so lucky to talk to such a person in a time like this. Thank you.
Great listener and helpful in so many ways. Gained some clarity on how to move forward with very difficult decisions.
A really insightful conversation about the past involving boundaries and relationship matters. Thank you for your help again. I hope to move forward soon.
Helped me understand myself better and show that my worth isnt to just one person
So amazing! Very understanding and wise and helpful.
Andre Bazin once said that the originality of film comes from reality, and that the detriment of a painting was that what you see on the canvas comes out of the painter. While I don't fully agree with Bazin, I can understand his take on paintings. Observers don't have access to the thoughts, feelings and emotions of the painter, which puts them in a unique position to project their own onto the painting. Whether we know it or not, our experiences and trauma can manifest into our daily lives, much the same way it does when we're in the position of the observer. I believe that we all share a phobia of confronting ourselves. We are complex, so similar in nature, yet so different in experience. This can lead to feeling alone in the battle against our demons. Which is why there's so much value in finding someone who we can confide in, because they serve as the antithesis of our mental isolation. This person has helped me by being that someone. They not only understood my fears and anxieties, but helped me to conceptualize them in ways that I never could. It takes a lot of skill, patience and time to help someone in need, and they've done more than that. Reading the paragraphs upon paragraphs that I've sent, helping me mid-crisis and being more than willing to listen and be there when I need them. For a person to do that for a complete stranger takes a level of kindness that is quite frankly, inspiring. All in all, this person is pretty fucking cool, like HELL yeah pick them as your listener straight up, like they're great!
This listener's specialized knowledge and experience are perfectly aligned with the exact support I need. We spoke extensively about language as a gateway to understanding ourselves and others; empowering ourselves by reclaiming our words; and forgiving ourselves when these words accidentally cause stress for others even when intentions were good. This listener has been consistently warm, compassionate, and deeply respectful during each conversation, with so much amazing feedback to give about how we can view situations in a different way, with a focus on true harmony. I feel like it is a blessing to speak with someone so genuinely self-aware and human. Please do reach out for profound healing and wisdom. I couldn't have asked for anything different in our conversations. This person is truly a sage.
Tristan actively listened and knew about the particular issue I'm dealing with
So helpful and kind
genuinely spent the time and effort to not only listen, but discuss my issue thoroughly... helped me a tremendous amount. i'm really thankful that they accepted my random request, i don't think i could have gotten a better listener
It helps to talk to understanding ppl about my problems..
Good listener indeed!! He is a friend. He knows how to handle situations and helped me a lot in evaluating myself. Thank you!
I really appreciate their honesty and empathy
A good listener, able to sum up and execute things that can make u feel better
Such a lovely soul..The good friend we re all looking for.I highly recommend!!!
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