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I am currently NOT taking  new 1-1 requests. If we've talked before feel free to pm me if you see my status on 'online' . If I am 'busy' or offline, I will reach you once I'm back. 

~~~~~~~About Me!~~~~~~~

Hey there, my name is Vicky and I'm an Verified Active Listener here on 7cups.

Let me tell you a little about me~
I love anything related to music, arts and literature. When I'm not on cups, during my free time, I'm usually either reading a book or painting while singing. I also love listening and people in general. I've been here on cups for about 3  years and it has been a great journey. 
 I'll be happy to help if you need to talk to someone.


~Anxiety Support Team Leader~
I am the STL in Anxiety Support. If you want to join the team, please do PM me and I'll let you know on available roles and everything! We'd love to have you in our team.

~Peer Support~

If you've had a difficult chat and you would like to talk about it , feel free to pm me if you see me around. 

~Depression Support Moderator~

~LGBTQ+ Support Room Moderator~

~Safety Partol Team~ 


~~~~~~My Listener Twins~~~~~~


My goofy, mighty-sun, engineer  twinnito: My Flamelitoo @GentleFlameofCaring

(trust them with the key to secret watermelon hideout .  🍉 🍉 Flamie has been my twin since the beginning of my Cups journey and I adore them! They were always there as far back on my listener journey as I can remember and I couldn't have done it without them.  They are a great listener, very caring, supportive, and  awesome! They are just wonderful 💖 love you twinny)


~~~~~~SUGARY NIIGHT SHIFT family (my SKSkins)~~~~~~ 

So, what is the Sugary Knight Shift? Initially called night shift and then updated to Sugary Knight Shift, the SKS is an a amsing group/band! You will usually find during the wee hours (by European standards) in the LSR. It's four of us, so I'll intoduce you to the other three awesome members of the team <3
 •••My Scottish alien twin: @ItsDev   

( Secretly an alien with a scottish accent and a Co-founder of Alien's earth commitee. Dev or Chloe is one of the best people I know and it is my honor to be called their twin! I feel inspired by their dedication and work on the site and I can't imagine the knight shift without them!   They're always amasing in LSR, a master of multitasking , has the highest typing speed of us all and is also very helpful, as well as  fun to be around  ^~^ ) 💗

••• My Ghostly Alpykins Betty Cake 🍰 @Alpacaking   
( Alpy is sooo fun to be around! I always remember us laughing at something during the Knight Shift . That something could be from food jokes to bad autocorrect fails to bear puns  :') hehe. Alpy Caking is awesome!  Because my cake is also really dedicated and helpful and an amasing person to know and be around in general ! I can't imagine the SKS without them either  💗)

•••My amasing Shenny Arikins @PhoenixArisen   
(​​​​​​ Fellow member of the 1/2 nerds , Arikins is one of a kind! She is amasing with words and puns and like the rest of my SKSkins she is so fun to be around :') She is also amasing and always willing to help during the Knight Shift! As a wise poet once told me 'Hi sausage' hehe :') and "it's my PLEASURE" , Shenny is one of the best people I know along with the rest of my SKSkins and twins and it's my pleasure to be on the night shift with them !  She also makes amasingggg book suggestions :p 💗 ) 



 Super tomato-queen : @empathicForest15  (my favorite tomato queen 🍅  <3)

See you around heart

(topics : Anxiety, Social Anxiety, LGBTQ+, Relationship Stress, Student Life, Sleeping Well, Men's and Women's Issues, Student Life)
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Feedback & Reviews
The best listener !! Talked like a best friend n did not judge :)
She was very understanding and nonjudgemental. Great if you’re anxious and need someone to help sort things out.
Very caring and helpful. And I felt he was listening to me and he talked to me as a human being, and I really apreciate that. Great listener :)
Vicky was amazing! She really helped me calm down then helped me talk through some of my issues.
Lots of care and blessings for you vicky
She is an angel and made me feel so welcome on my first day. Extremely helpful with tips and techniques with my anxiety and has been nothing but all ears and very kind.
She is amazing!! Professional, kind, compassionate. She really helped me a lot. I feel way much better after our chat. She is just soo open minded and friendly and a really good person. Tottally recommend her
An absolute pro, incredibly friendly and helpful, really helped me and made me feel better and comforted.
She is very kind and warm
Amazing listener. Helped me a lot.
Super nice and understanding
Good listener!
Wonderful person
Really helpful and understanding:)
Great person to listen to what you need to talk about.
A very understanding listener. I really helpful person to talk to.
She is really helping me feel calm!
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