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Yukihiko |
Listener - Proficient 3

Listener Rating
5.0 star rating

On a self-care break! Please be mindful of messaging.

Hi there, Yuki here!

I can't do live chats for now, but do drop me a message and I will reply as soon as possible!

I'm a verified active listener here on 7 Cups. I am experienced in chats about ADHD, trauma/PTSD, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. But you may look at the topics I'm able to take in the categories. Other than the these, I may not be experienced but I will try my best to actively listen and be empathetic to you.

I believe that there is a good in everyone regardless of who they are as long as they want to be. I believe that everyone can live a happy life. If you are going through something hard and feel like there's no way out, know that you are not alone 


I've been a listener since 2018 and trained to be a Teen Quality Star on 7 Cups. Don't be afraid to reach out to me! I understand the ups and downs of being a listener and I appreciate every single one of you. I'm also passionate about improving listeners' active listening quality.

Click here for a giant messy 7 Cups links about roles, application, projects, frequently asked links, helpful links, etc.

My preferred listening style

I provide a non-judgmental space for you to vent or talk about your issues, and you may expect from me what a 7 Cups listener should do.

I like to give thoughtful questions for both of us to understand the situation better.

My response may be slow at times because I'm thinking of what's the best for you and what I should say.

I tend to give you space when I see that you're typing.

My availability varies. I'm usually online around 1 AM - 3 AM ET every weekday, but you're welcomed to leave me a message anytime.

About Me

- My interests: Drawing, psychology, reading, learning Japanese, writing, typology (MBTI and Enneagram), graphology, anime (Koe no Katachi, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, and more).

- I'm fluent in both English and Indonesian, but I prefer using English.

- My personality type is ENTP. Enneagram 7w6. Instinctual variant so/sx. Tritype 784. Sanguine. (I'd LOVE to help you discover your personality type so don't be afraid to drop a message!)

Topics that I don't feel comfortable with:

- Alcohol/Drug use

- LGBTQ+ (I'd love to but sometimes they can be triggering)

- Sexual Health

My Roles

Teen Quality Star
Teen Community Star on Support Plus
Chat Supporter

Safety Patrol
Verified Listener
Growth Path Builder. 

My Twin Listeners
Lueur has a youthful soul and a fine as wine taste in music. My non-blood related sister <3
My twin name xD. Emily is a sweet person!! She's really strong and resilient <3

"If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain."

- Emily Dickinson

Check my bio for an update of my whereabwhereabout

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(Previous usernames: EmikoKokoro and Emery5)
Number of Ratings: 83
Number of Reviews: 37
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Indonesian
Listener Since Apr 19, 2018
Last Active in last month
Progress Path Step 318
Cheers 102,534
People Helped 156
Chats 1,103
Group Support Chats 320
Listener Group Chats 342
Forum Posts 869
Forum Upvotes 1,259
Feedback & Reviews
We've been chatting for a short time but they've helped me a lot!
I’ve only been chatting with them for a short time, but they’re so caring and they really know what they’re saying!!!
they are really nice and understanding :)
very helpful and extremely understanding. always ready to help and would recommened 100%
He's a listener that is good enough! he can be a friend, he was very helpful to me
She’s a really caring and compassionate listener!
Great so far :)
So kind and considerate!
They made me feel much better and more safe
Awesome chat.
The listeners here are just so attentive and they do it for free
One the best listeners!!!! If you need help/support this is the listener you need/want!!! She has been helping me, supporting me soo much
She helped me understand what I needed to do to calm down
Emi is Awesome! I know Im terrible at explaining but she is one of the best listeners here
Really supportive and kind. Best listener ever
I m sorry but i can't explain this girl in just some words. she's just amazing!!!!! if i wrote 1000 reviews for her now those won't be enough . really she was listening to me . and I can't thank her. how to appreciate her I don't know . I just wanna say. that she's the best person here on 7cups and her response time is great . - kajal ( practical fan) 💗💗💗💗. I love u emiko . thank u so much. for everything .
You are amazing!
good empathy
Amazing would highly reco
A legend
She is cute and kawaii
This girl is amazing, she literally listened to every single thing I had to say and is willing to help me, and for that I will be grateful forever.thank you❤️
Nice people interesting conversation
Very helpful, giving me a good first impression on 7cups
It's amazing to talk to someone professional that can actually help you.
super nice!
I loved chating with them and they helped me with my DID - A very demonic panda
Perfect the definition of a holy angel
Very friendly, nice person to talk to.
The best listener in all of 7 cups ❤️❤️
This person was really sweet, I felt like she could relate to everything I was saying. It was nice to talk about what has been bothering me for awhile, letting it out, and being understood and comforted. I really appreciate it!
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