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kieran000 |
Listener - Marvel 12

Listener Rating
5.0 star rating

Mostly inactive now 

→ About me 

Hello! I'm Kieran, I'm a 17 year old boy from England. I love being on this site supporting people when I can!  I am super passionate about helping to keep everyone feeling supported and safe while on this site. Feel free to message me if you want, I'll be happy to see how I can help you out! Please refer to me using he / him pronouns but it's okay if you mistake me for else. 

→ Availability 
My timezone is GMT / BST , (ET+5). I am online almost 24/7, just leave me a message if you want, I will respond normally within a few minutes, sometimes but rarely, I will respond within maximum time of 7hours. I can provide support with most topics, just let me know the topic and I'll try my best to support you. Currently however I am not taking member support chats due to me being very busy with my other roles on the site. I hope you understand! 

→ My Involvment Within 7 Cups 

• Group Support Mentor Leader 

• Support Team Teen Star 

• Global Chatroom Moderator 

• Doorkeeper 

• Safety Patrol 

• Chat Supporter & Peer Supporter

• Listener Verifier 

• Safety Patrol Outreach Team Member

• Teen Quality Star

→ Some Awesome People 

@EmmaE is the best and is my listener twin for life 😃

@Azalea98 is an awesome human, great mentor when I was a terrible listener, helped me become what I am today as a listener 

@sia1325 is such a cool person. Always siatisfied with your high levels of awesomeness 

@shiningSky3745 Great listener! Can be strange sometimes but he a amazing human! 😃😎

@LoveLilly you amazing! Wonderful Mod, Wonderful Listener, Wonderful Human, Wonderful person to have existing in this world 😎 Keep up the fantastic wonderfullness😃❤️ 

@RiverTheWolf - You super cool! Glad you are with us here and hopefully you will always be!! You make TCR and other chatrooms that you visit very cool when you step in! Welcome to the wall of awesome humans!! ✌️😃 

PM me if you want to be added to the wall of awesome humans, my memory is so bad i only remember some people 😃 


Feedback & Reviews
Very friendly and helpful, started something I think is a wonderful idea!
Very enthusiastic about helping others, very kind and nice!
Kieran is just zee best
A very good person
Good hooman being
Best listener ever he completely understand how I felt 10/10
helped me, very polite, good listener
they are super helpful. they helped me a lot.
Kieran is amazing!!! Always there to support you
really kind and helpful !!
He is a Good person and pretty chill
they were amazing
Very helpful and nice
kie run is an amazing listener 😀 i recommend😀
They were amzing, makes me feel like I can trust them and they make me feel like they are a good friend lol. Just an amzing bean
They're just amazing and there's no word to describe how great they are
This person was very nice and understanding!
Very playful person and very helpful they also boost your confidence and they lighten the mood :)
Kieran is literally the best listener ever, you always make me feel better within minutes of speaking to you are you are always there for me, honestly thank you so much 🥰
she actually helped me, and was really nice
they were nice and helped me emotionally
they were so, so kind and understanding!!
He is literally amazing
she is very compassionate listener
When I needed it this listener helped me feel seen and heard. Would highly recommend if you are ever in a need for someone to hear you when you are at a loss for words this is the person. I am grateful for everything ~ ✨M
She does what’s best, she listens, every listener needs to be like her.
best listener very kind
very very nice and great friend
Keyrun’s a good listener 😌
Was really understanding and made me feel comfort
Kie is a super cool person. Loved talking to him, felt like a friend I new for a few years. He supported me with kind and encouraging words. Very good listener I recommend peeps
I literally love Kieran. Kieran is the best listener that I have come across.
Amazing listener, present and sweet Rare to find someone soo good Really helpful
Amazing listener! So kind, encouraging, and helpful!
she is really helpful and a wonderful listener
i liked this person alot they were very supportive
He was really amazing with me and supportive, i really appreciate it !
actually cared about what i said and helped the best they could
Really understanding and trying to listen and take the time to listen. Thank you
I love their approach to everything, keep it up! Thank you.
ty man ur always supportive and nice, the sweetest
Very great listener, helped a lot.
Kind and really caring!! Made me feel really comfortable :)
loved it, helped me with my problem, thankyou
:) i loved my time whith u
He is so kind.
Very great listener, understanding, and helps ease my thoughts❤️
Amazing so lovely
A good listener and lending time to help you find your own solutions
Kieran is amazing he's sooo caring and understanding tysm
amazing, wonderful, kind, supportive, caring, one of my best experiences here
So supportive and loving and kind!
It sounds like I'm talking to a friend 💜
Thank you so much 💖you really helped me and made me feel so much better, the chat was lovely
a really good and caring listener, thanks for listening to me💖
Thanks a lot pal You were of great help ❤️
Was kind and listened really well:)
Really helpful and directed me straight to resources to help me figure stuff out. Definitely worth talking to :)
Awesome job! Knew what he was doing. Handled with professionalism.
Very kind :)) he tried his best when helping me out.
nice, extremely understanding
It was good, she gave me a link to a community that could help. It was very helpful.
So helpful, he helped me understand how are my feelings, and yeah amazing person, wish u all the best!
A nice person, and I really enjoyed talking to him/her! :) (from Hair)
He is a such a great listener 😊
He is so kind and nice
He’s a good loste
It's first time I shared something with her. She listened all my thoughts.
I felt accepted and listened to
He's very helpful and responds quick. Love the chat. Short but sweet. Listened very well!
Omg!!! Where do I even start... Such an amazing listener, is so kind and respectful. so professional and ultimately the best listener I think I have ever had. They supported me through everything and never judged, not even once 😱😊 They made me feel so comfortable when talking to them. I highly recommend, like I'm not even joking... Sooooo goodddd. if your reading this, thank you so much for your empathy, support and listening skills 😊 thank you so much ~A 😛🐼
amazing talker, truly kind :)
It was great to be able to just talk with someone, and I found it really enjoyable
Great listener. Made me feel understood and always knows what to say and when to ask questions. Is really kind
best listiner i had ^^
Honestly one of the best listeners I've had on 7cups . Genuinely empathetic and doesn't leave you with the feeling that the answer is obvious and you're deliberately overlooking something. When that happens it doesn't really feel like the person is listening, but none of that here :)
Good chat Nice chat
Kieran is amazinggg
He is the most emphatic, supportive, helpful, amazing listener on this website that I’ve had. Kieron, you’ve changed my life 💙 I’m so lucky to have connected with you as a listener. He provided support, resources, and his time to help me with my issues. I could never thank him enough! He honestly saved my life. Thank you so much 💙
Great talk, because I’m new, he gave me many useful connections and branches to help me further!
I love it & she helps he she’s very open per
I kinda just wanted advice lol. He was very friendly and seemed to understand exactly what I was going through
Really helped me to feel better. He was amazing and provided me information, other resources and lots of support💜
A great listener. A person who listened to me without interrupting me. Who really made me feel a lot better and calmer
very kind it was cool
Greatconversation, talks to me like I’m just a peer and it was really nice
They were really helpful and understanding. They listened without judgement, and that was more then enough
Great listener and nice to talk to
Great listener and actually talked me through my problems and helped me
Amazing listener
Such a great person that's really fun to talk to, very nice and understanding loved the chat
Good listener, however they didn’t provide as much helpful feedback as I had hoped
Provides compliments or remarks that don't feel empty
he listened without like any judgment which was really nice
Honestly the best listener I’ve had on this app, such a great person!
They were very understanding and formal, and I feel calmer than I did before
This listener was very kind and encouraging. The term “listener” was absolutely correct.
Good to speak about everything
Such a warm hearted person.. helped me so much. Very good listener, helped me with my problem and actually made me feel much happier!
Very nice person. great listener.
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