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Hey Yall, I’m Jaali! I love cherry sours and eating actual lemons. Lemonade form is acceptable too though. I’m in my late 20s and have overcome a lot adversity throughout my life. I would love to get to know you and hear your story. I’m a Senior Undergrad, studying a psychology-related field at my university. Still, I’m not certified by any means but I can definitely lend an ear and support you through your troubles. Feel welcome to leave me a message. I operate off EST and am on throughout the week. (: Thx!

♡ If we speak and you appreciate our conversation, please let me know in a review! ♡ I really appreciate receiving them and I reflect on your words from time-to-time. But most importantly, if I’ve been of help to you, your words also stand as a powerful testimony to others who are also seeking help in the future. Alternatively, I’m also open to constructive criticism! If you think there’s any way I can improve, please let me know. Because this is the path I am actively pursuing in life, I’d really love to know how I can be more helpful to you, and others.
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Great listener, understanding and super kind
Honestly, one of the best, if not the best chat I have ever had here. She was understanding and really supportive, I can't thank her enough!!!!
This lady was an incredibly kind person. She went far above and beyond simple kindness. I am so grateful for her sweet words that gave me hope.
She spent so long listening to me, patient the entire way, considerate, insightful. I felt a load off my shoulders when we were done talking
Shes kind and warm
SUPER SUUUUUUUUPER AMAZING! Like no other in ways that can't be explained because she is so Spectacular!!!!!
Zaatar is a very kind and compassionate person. I was feeling lost and depressed for various reasons that i could not control. Zaatar offered encouragement, understanding and empathy which brought me out of despair and allowed me to push myself enough to do the things i needed to do. Many thanks zaatar for helping me. You are truely a beautiful person.
The other reviews aren't kidding. I was actually in awe about how responsive, kind, understanding and lovely this listener was. I didn't expect it. She is professional yet has a personality, kind but still honest. I really hope people have a chance to connect with her and really see what I'm talking about. This isn't a hyperbole when I say she's the best listener I've had, and I've had a lot.
She is by far the most compassionate human i have come across. She calmed me down when i couldn't think straight. And honestly she is one of the best listeners i have ever had the privilege of speaking to.
Awesome listener, so kind and helpful. They listened really well and were so judgement free and kind. I wish all listeners were as great as you!
Amazing!!!! She was so helpful and will definitely talk to her again
Really great discussion :) Helped me a lot
Responsive, understanding, great listener. Thank you so much!
Got great support!
They are very sweet, welcoming, and an amazing person to talk to
amazingly kind and supportive listener. generous with her time and takes the time to understand the topic.
good experience of 30 years of depression
It's great talking with someone who can relate to what's happening.
Lovely just said what i needed to hear and very polite
Great advice, kind and caring. Sounds like they care☺️ Loved the chat! Thank you so much
very understanding and a great listener
Like talking to an old friend
Very sweet, kind and patient.
An absolutely amazing human! Talked to me for almost two hours straight with zero judgment. I don't even know how to thank her, she helped me through a very rough time!
I loved to talk to this person. She was a great listener. And she tried to help me when I was asking questions. Thank you.
Really nice, good listener
Very helpful I am glad I came here
Such an amazing human being! I can’t even put into words how amazing this chat went! 10/0
Cool nice person to talk to
absolutely fantastic, she listened and helped me and i feel so much calmer now. i know what to do now. shes amazing
Really a truly wonderful listener. Took time and actually understood the problems faced. Very empathetic and all around great!
Thank you so much
Just an absolutely amazing human being
Very relaxed conversation, made me feel really comfortable and was very knowledgable with what I’m going through - thank you
very insightful very insightful very insightful
Very helpful and very bright and sunny. She always seems to know exactly what to say to make you feel better.
It was great to talk to you
Very encouraging and empathetic! Thank you! :) :) :)
Really nice listener, sensitive and asked some great questions to let me talk about how I was feeling :) thanks
A very gentle and kind listener. Felt such positivity from the connection. As a result of our conversation I was able reexamine my issues and seek alternative solutions instead of the black/white corner I had painted myself into.
She is a sweetheart. thank you for taking your time and talking to me. The world needs more people like you. You're my hero.
This was by far the best conversation I've had on here. It was comforting, really relatable and I cracked up several times. Awesome.
Without question the most helpful, sincere, and empathetic listener and I have had the honor of working with.
Attentive and graceful. She helps me come to my own conclusions every time we speak. She helps me identify the root of each problem Ive been facing. She is a blessing
She is a very understanding, caring, and insightful person. I've learned quite a lot from just talking to her.
Wonderful! Helped me see the whole picture.
Most kind and helpful person I've ever met on the interwebs. She helps you find peace and clarity. Its amazing. I feel like I see things in a much different light as compared to before. I am eternally grateful for her kind help.
Brighteyes is just as her name is...Bright. She helps you get a kind of clarity on your situation and is amazingly kind. I felt much much better after speaking with her. I am sure you will too... What a kind soul.
brightEyes999 is fantastic. I felt extremely comfortable explaining the situation and received amazing advice. I'm so thankful I got to speak with this listener!
She helped me more than anyone else could. She was concerned on an emotional level for all parties involved. She was my saving grace, and truly helped change my life around. She's an angel, and was so loving and supportive and attentive to emotional needs throughout. God bless her.
shes wesome
I am not sure if there is a way to adequately express my gratitude.
Thank you
She's putting her everything into listening to you. One simply knows.
best listener around here !!
Was sooo nice when i met her and helped me identify and accept a problem i was having. Super great, loving and caring and cannot recommend enough. Thank you so much ♥
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