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Hello, I'm Jenna. I've been here for 5 years and it has been an impactful time in my life both for my own well-being and having the privilege to support others. My main focus on chat topics is anxiety, bipolar depression, DID, and trauma chats. You can find a full list of topics I support down below under categories. I work almost non-stop at my real life job which unfortunately has a huge impact on my availability. For this reason, I am not able to take on long-term members at this time until I am able to find a balance. So, we can have a 1 time chat if I am available. ♥I only take scheduled chats for 1 hour a day with current long-term members♥   My InvolvementActive Listening 1 Ambassador Depression Support Team Feed Team Peer Support Safety Patrol Support Room Mentor Verifying ListenersMy Twinderfuls@asthebeesays @coolvibes @fluffyUnicorns84 @Teagan @wonderfulPumpkin71

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