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Lisa De Regt, MBPsS

Lisa is a licensed mental health counselor who graduated with a BSc Psychology (honours) degree via The Open University in the United Kingdom and she also holds two diplomas in counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy. She then went on to complete 18 months of supervised practical work working alongside the South African Police Force assisting as a trauma debriefing assistant/counsellor. This experience elevated her to learn more about people in trauma and how to therapeutically assist them, and she combined this with her further experience in offering therapy to people telephonically and this inspired her to research whether she could offer her services online. She then became a graduate member of The British Psychological Society and the Council for Counsellors in South Africa. Lisa has been an online therapist on 7 Cups for over two years. Recently, she expanded in her role and is now practicing as a therapist and a Clinical Support Manager for 7 Cups offering support to the therapists who are contracted to provide therapeutic services. She is currently writing a self-care Ebook and practices an eclectic style of therapy to tailor therapy to her client's specific needs.

Articles by Lisa De Regt, MBPsS

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