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What does it feel like to be accepted by society for exactly who you are?

12 Answers
Last Updated: 06/01/2020 at 5:42pm
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Top Rated Answers
April 4th, 2016 2:03pm
Is great, but we don't have to worry about that. We have to be self accepted, that is the most important felling.
April 7th, 2015 7:03am
As a gay male, i found it very daunting at first to be accepted not just by the society but also myself, once i had the courage to be who i am i was overwhelmed by the support i felt. however being LGBT is only one aspect of concern of acceptance, people are very afraid to be themselves as they feel they may become an outcast so to speak, my advice - just be your self and the people who matter will stand by you. ( PEOPLE WHO MATTER DONT MIND...PEOPLE WHO MIND DONT MATTER)..from AJLGBT with love and support to you all.
April 8th, 2016 4:56am
Amazing, because in order to get there you must fully accept yourself for exactly who you are and the rest will follow,
February 19th, 2015 8:01pm
I think it can be described as 'powerful'. When I started to be myself around my classmates who only knew me as someone who is shy, I felt confident and comfortable around them. Even if they didn't accept me at least I am now myself, but because they did- it has made me feel so much better and more confident about other areas of my life.
July 11th, 2015 6:08am
I do not think society will ever accept everyone for who they exactly are. We will never have a perfect world. Not all people get along and not everyone can truly look into a persons soul and like them for who they are.
October 25th, 2015 11:10pm
most of us aren't accepted by society for who we are, if we have mental illnesses or we are homosexuals, or physically disabled, society doest accept us
March 1st, 2016 11:50pm
you must first accept yourself, and after the acceptance of others is just a detail not very important
March 5th, 2016 12:11am
You will find that being accepted by being yourself is easier than you think. People easily can spot someone who is putting on an act. As time goes on you will be more relaxed and feel better about yourself.
January 9th, 2017 5:31pm
I haven't figured out that myself. And the society must be having an even harder job. Because the society is not an individual. A lot of people think a lot of different things about me. Bunch of confused people. So I guess they accept what they can. Poor society.
May 29th, 2018 11:46pm
To be accepted by society for exactly who I am feels free. I know I don’t need to act any kind of way or put out someone that’s not me. I feel supported.
April 7th, 2020 4:23pm
Society is weird. There are so many ideas floating around and every single society is different. However, I believe that being accepted into society is recongising these ideas and know how you help to contribute towards the community. Being yourself is so important because if you don't know yourself, you can't really feel comfertabel in your own skin. Society helps that, by connecting you with people in common unity that enables you to truly understand yourself. There's no way to describe it but feelings like belonging, happiness and unity are involved. You know you are helping yourself and other people.
June 1st, 2020 5:42pm
I don’t believe anyone if fully accepted by society today. If we all accept each other we have to start with ourselves first. If you are at least a little accepted by society you feel powerful. You have to realize that no one likes everyone. It isn’t you but the influence around others creating a social image on society and it’s requirements today. One person may look more rewarding than another, but we all have our struggles and insecurities. It’s the wya we choose to cope and get rid of them that makes us different from one another thank you.