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Talk to someone online about ADD

Talk to an expert therapist about ADHD
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During my difficult times, I struggled to find someone to listen to me...
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Hi! I am just a person who is here to listen to you no matter what :)...
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I’m Nikita and a psychology student. I’ll be there for anyone who ...
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I am a 18 year old guy who for years has been providing assistance thr...
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Talk to an expert therapist about ADHD
Really practical and helpful. Helps me to stand back and see there are options. And there's always something to try.
Reviewed May 22, 2020


i have been through so many break ups in my life. i suffer from depres...
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Recent Reviews

“Loved talking to this person.. so positive”

Received: May 28th
Listener: @JohnnyTruelove02

“great listener, thanks”

Received: May 28th
Listener: @softPond4048

“Talking to her felt like talking to an old friend. She's a great listener, and used my interests to help me. A real friend. ”

Received: May 28th
Listener: @DianaColette