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Talk to someone online about Bipolar

Things can be rough for someone with bipolar disorder. People with bipolar disorder have times of great highs and times of equally low lows, and sometimes there’s a mix of the two which is just as confusing as it sounds. It is not an easy thing to handle by yourself - so let us help. Whether you have just been diagnosed, are going through a mixed episode, or you’re just looking for someone to understand, we’ve got a compassionate, understanding listener for you to talk to about all this and more.

Talk to an expert therapist about bipolar disorder
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"You are braver than you believe, smarter than you seem, and stronger ...
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I'll be honest, Im just a regular guy. I've experienced a broad spectr...
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LightProphet"Where figures from the past stand tallAnd...
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Talk to an expert therapist about bipolar disorder
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I am empathetic and caring. I know what it's like to be lonely so I lo...
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Recent Reviews

“Kind and considerate”

Received: January 23rd
Listener: @Sanju2Listen

“I love talking with them. It is literally heaven seeing the weight is lifted from my back”

Received: January 22nd
Listener: @Rameytah

“Thanks for listening to me :)”

Received: January 22nd
Listener: @Joynhappiness