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Talk to someone online about Depression

Depression impacts 1 in 10 Americans and is sometimes referred to as the common cold. It can impact us at different times in our lives. Sometimes it will surface as a result of a loss like a divorce, breakup, unemployment, or loss of a loved one. Other times it can be with us for a longer period of time and feel like a cloud that follows us wherever we go. Depression causes us to feel more negative about ourselves, others, and our future. It causes us to overestimate the negative and minimize the positive in our lives. It can feel like a set of glasses that we are wearing that causes us to see things in gray; instead of see the other bright colors around us. Talking with someone about your depression can help you feel less alone. Many listeners on our site have overcome depression. We are here to listen and support you on your journey.

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Hii there .!!this is rakesh I’m here to listen you so feel free to ...
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❗Plz read the bio before sending a message❗(Just arabic rn)Hello...
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Ben ne batılı bir bilginim, ne de doğulu bir alim. Ben yalnızca, T...
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I am a single working mother . I Lost my parents in very easily stage ...
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Talk to an expert therapist about depression
Amazing Listener!!!
Reviewed Sep 22, 2022


Messed up and still balanced. May be I can help you ! ...
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