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Talk to someone online about Forgiveness

Life tends to be a great challenge for all of us, sometimes (perhaps really often than not) it is unfair in its dealings. For some, life will throw so many dodge balls that it will seem like a war zone while for others it may seem quiet. However, sometimes we may encounter that one battle that will leave us scarred, hurt, hopeless and in despair at times make us feel like we are broken. But this is where forgiveness plays a part, yes forgiveness. The pain may be great and heavy but the reality is all that anger and hurt buried inside will become an anchor that pulls us down into a sea of turmoil. Welcome to 7 cups, talk to any of us- let us help you help yourself or begin the steps to your recovery, we won’t judge you for we are human just like you, we can relate to your pain despite the different circumstances. Share your burden with us and enable us to ease your journey. Won’t you?

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🤍يمكنك التحدث معي عن أي شيء تريده دون ...
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Currently doing an online course in CBT & Counselling.I believe th...
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Im glad you found me ^^. Im a very active listener and i like to help ...
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I'm not great at advice, can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?...
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If you light a lamp for someone, it will also brighten your pat...
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