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Talk to someone online about Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can be exhausting. The worries about what people might think, how people might react, or how much attention they are paying to us can truly grab a hold of us and affect our decisions about social situations. We often experience social anxiety when faced with a situation where the opportunity arises to interact with others. Social anxiety can feel like a trap, but it does not have to define us. Getting through social anxiety can be a hard process, but it is not inescapable. Talking through it can help us learn about ourselves and the best way to cope.

Talk to an expert therapist about social anxiety
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Talk to an expert therapist about social anxiety
The best!! I’ve dumped a lot of my issues on her & she always helps me through it by finding the best way to cope. Thank you Andrea!
Reviewed Jun 30, 2022


Hi! I'm Amber, I'm 22 year olds and have lived experienced such as dep...
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“She was really attentive. She was trying to listen before answering which i really like”

Received: July 1st
Listener: @blissfulTime22

“It went nice its okay ”

Received: July 1st
Listener: @MysterioussButterflyy

“He was really really nice, great listener and without any judgement he helped me a lot. ”

Received: July 1st
Listener: @itsharsh24