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We spend a great deal of our life at work. Our work life is often the largest portion of our week and consumes much of what we think about. We spend even more time thinking about work if it is stressful. Stress at work can arise from difficult relationships with a boss or colleagues. It can also happen when other people leave or are fired and there is simply too much work to do. Still other times we can be stressed because we can feel like we are not a good match for our role or like we aren’t being challenged enough. Finally, unemployment can also be extraordinarily stressful. Contrary to what most people believe, people that are unemployed experience a significant amount of anxiety and depression. One good way to cope with work stress is to talk to someone about it. Often times it can be hard to get objectivity or really see what is happening when you are too close to the situation. If you are going through a hard time at work and want to vent, then connect with one of our listeners. We’ve all been through our own work challenges and we’d be happy to listen and support you as you navigate your own work stressors. We’ve also designed a guide to help you overcome work stress that you can find here.

Talk to an expert therapist about work stress
Very insightful and able to adapt her treatment to what works best for you! Very kind and easy to talk to. Helped me through a very tough few months following a bad breakup and I feel 100x better and ready to take on this new chapter in my life.
Reviewed Oct 24, 2021

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Talk to an expert therapist about work stress
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Recent Reviews

“Very nice guy. Helpful too.”

Received: October 25th
Listener: @Mido93

“the listener was great she was very understanding, validated my emotions, and put herself in my shoes.”

Received: October 24th
Listener: @UzbekGirll

“Wonderful listener! Highly recommended! Go for it! ”

Received: October 24th
Listener: @happySoul19