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Sunisshiningandsoareyou |
Listener - Exemplar 12

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(Updated on August 20th, 2022)
*on a break*

Not available for any personal chats/ PMs unless stated/ agreed to otherwise 

I'll be around in the forums and chatrooms when I can though, feel welcome to tag me in your posts or replies, happy to see you! 

I've sadly not been getting notifications for all the tags lately, apologies if missed your tag. Feel free to send another tag or a personal message, if needed. 

(I know) Extremely slow response rate: I've been catching up with PMs and tags as much as possible. Responses can be slow and delayed, your patience is appreciated. Send a follow-up, if I missed your important message or if you need an urgent reply. 

Apologies for any inconvenience, if caused.

Support shouldn't be delayed, so I highly recommend browsing for other listeners when you need some emotional support.  Please remember you are awesome and not alone here.  ❤

Stay great and take good care, everyone. 

  Response time for all my current (regular) members/ listeners (and mentees) would vary as I am not logging in here regularly as earlier, I apologize if messages are delayed.  Send a follow-up, if needed.

Thank you for understanding, YOU do come first and there's plenty of support available at all times, please do find an amazing currently active listener  HERE, and I hope you receive the best support available! 💖

Hello, Amazing Human,

Welcoming hugs and high fives and cookies for youuu! (Take what you need hehe)

I am Sun, Thank you for finding me here, I understand life isn't always smooth sailing, we all have our ups and downs.

I know I won't be able to solve all your problems, but problems shared are problems halved, right? Or even if not halved, I do feel sharing can help reduce the burden of overwhelming thoughts and feelings in your mind ~ your mind is not a notepad, it shouldn't be a place to "store" thoughts and feelings ~ share away, your mind deserves to feel lighter and better and so do *you* ... Besides being a trained verified listener here, I can offer you a kind, empathetic and non-judgmental ear and help you guide through these dark times.

Feel free to Talk/ Share/ Vent and I'll be more than happy to listen to you, provide you with a safe and comfortable space and help you feel better in any way I can.

Please do keep in mind that I can't advise you, I can help you guide through the roads, but the steering wheel will always be in your hands and the direction to choose will always be your decision solely since you know your journey and your destination, the best.

Rest assured, you've got your passenger seat covered for any support and encouragement always! 

I am a person who believes in the power of sharing smiles, happiness, kindness, encouragement, hope and positivity Anddd I would love to share these with you too, if you allow me to (always at your pace and comfort of course).🌻

I am pretty respectful and polite to everyone and personally do not use any offensive language including any kind of passive-aggressive/ provoking remarks, so would certainly expect and appreciate the same from you.

 People looking for inappropriate sexual chats and/ or interested in making any sexual advances towards me, this is a mental health platform ~ and we don't entertain such kinds of conversations here. Please refrain from sending any messages, if you're here for any reason other than seeking emotional support, thankyou.

I don't take topics on chronic pain, panic attacks, sexual health and self-harm.

Feel free to browse other amazing listeners for these topics and those not listed under "categories" HERE❤ 

💛If you are currently having crisis thoughts (active or passive, or actively harming yourself) *offers hugs*, I know how terrible it can be, please however respect our boundaries as a listener, and personal limits and that 7 cups is not a crisis platform, we do care and therefore ask you to reach out to relevant channels of support, find resources here:- and do connect with a hotline, you may not believe it at the moment, but you are not unworthy of living, you are not taking space unnecessarily, you are not your current situation neither your current thoughts. Nobody exactly knows, but we gotta keep hanging on tightly, to see for ourselves when and how it gets better because it does, *someday*.

Brave it in this very moment, reach out for help. You owe it to *yourself*. 💛

The topics I am comfortable providing support for include general mental health struggles, getting unstuck, managing emotions, student life-related topics, friendship/ relationship/ family stress, social anxiety, self-esteem issues etc. and more are listed below, under categories...

Feel free to send in a message if you see me online and I would get back to you as soon as I can, we can then schedule a time and day for a chat or agree upon offline messaging, whichever is more comfortable and suitable for us. 🤗

At Last, remember that you are not alone, your mental health is important, you are a brave person to seek support,  you are here and I am proud of you for that. 

If you give me a chance I'll try my best to be there for you, to be there with you and remind you that Even if the clouds appear to be very dark at any point in time,  the Sun Is Shining And So Are Youuuu. 🌻🌞🌻

You are one Amazing human, you are important, you matter and You are deserving of kindness, happiness, love and all things amazing in life!

It's cool to be kind, people!🤗

Have an amazing day/ night ahead!


The most important and my favourite one - To provide everyone with a  friendly, supportive,  inclusive and cheerful environment along with sharing some cookies and hugs. 🥰 🍪🌻🤗

# Trained and Verified Listener to provide quality listening to members 

# Safety Patrol  (profile flagging ) Team member to try and keep the community safe for all. 

# Peer Supporter (for listeners needing support after a hard or triggering chat  or in general not feeling good about their listener role and needing a space to vent about "mild" site-related issues) 

# Chat Support  (I can provide support with ongoing chats to listeners) 

# Listener's Verifiers Team member  (I take mock chats for listeners under the verification process) 
Want to get verified? Check here or feel free to message me for more information. 

#Quality Mentor 

#Listener Coach 

# Global community mentor and forum supporter ( Needs Reply Team )

#Listener Chatroom Supporter 

#Doorkeeper (feel free to message me if you'd like to open / close rooms) 

#Events, Pop up discussions, listener events and safety support sessions Host 

# Project Agent and Advisor for the Peer Appreciation Program. Click the button below to appreciate yourself or a peer In the community 

#7 cups Internship,  Leadership Development Program, Group Leadership Dynamics,  Building Community Program and the Content Development and Marketing program's graduate. ~ proud 7 cups Academy Alumni hehe! 



#ByeByeCliques, do check out this post for more information and to join the movement.

We are a safe and inclusive place for all, and *you* do matter! 🤗

Smile Spreader

Number of Ratings: 65
Number of Reviews: 55
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Jun 14, 2020
Last Active in last week
Progress Path Step 2,256
Cheers 425,095
People Helped 166
Chats 3,360
Group Support Chats 1,006
Listener Group Chats 2,219
Forum Posts 14,274
Forum Upvotes 28,355
Feedback & Reviews
Great person. Hard working. Very understanding.
There a amazing.
Friendly, attentive, a real attention to detail, caring and lovely. You really are a sun shining upon us all and you assist in helping our own natural lights to glow and gleam warmly, steadfastly in these hectic times.
Thanks again for the many hugs of encouragement.
One of the best. So kind. So giving of there time.
goodness you really ARE good aren't you. You are incredibly validating. Thank you! I felt I was listened and finally heard by someone.
Sun. In the short times I’ve seen suns “rays” I’ve been inspired and affected greatly. A simple kindness can go so far , like a seed in a field of good soil but no flowers. I appreciate the kindness and positive you spread. Like the sun lights up the world, so does this member. If the sun was a human, it would be sun here heh. Happiest convo I’ve ever had on 7 cups was with sun. 7/5 stars 😌
Kind Listener. Very helpful
Friendly, understanding, helpful, kind
Sun is an absolute sweetie; I feel totally relaxed during our chats!
So caring and supportive! Thanks
Thank you so much for all your support. You're an amazing host, mod, and of course friend. I know I can count on you to be there when things get tough. Grateful I've met you, and thanks for chatting with me. 🦊
I’m surprised they come to check on me even though I forgot to reply. Very careful and patient. Highly recommend
Really helpful and does a good job of listening
My mind and my thoughts became more organized after chatting with her, i felt understood and validated.
Sun is amazing! A true reflection of his/her profile picture. Thank you for your support and listening to me. One of the very very best on 7Cups!
Sun, I am at a loss for words for this review. You've really helped me a lot recently. You shine so brightly, my friend, you helped me out of a mental tunnel. I was really feeling very alone and lost. You check-in with me always and usually I am able to pass a smile and just say I am alright, this time I couldn't but, you turned that whole thing around. You made my day 100x times better just by exchanging a few messages and that Sun, no listener has been able to do that for me. Your empathy, your thoughtfulness, your warmth, supportiveness and your love - all of these are so important to me, they're so valuable. I have never felt so surreal after talking to a listener but this one chat will go down history as one of the best things someone else has done for me. Having expressed my gratitude to you for helping me, please know that your value in my life will always be as a friend, you are special to me because you are a friend to me. Your listening skills are on the sharpest point but above anything else, I will always see you as my friend. So, thank you Sun for giving me time and space, you have made me feel much better. Please know that you're shining really brightly as always and recently you've also made a lil girl find her light back. Extremely lucky to know you, you are special to me because you exist and because you are, you completely. Thank you so much, Sunnie
"Sunisshiningandsoareyou" aka Sunny♥️, I remember when I first talked to you in group chat, you were one of those people who were kindest to me❤ Then you took time to check on me...I appreciate that a lot....You are someone who has supported me a lot in my journey, in my ups and downs, you have been an amazing friend, listener and a great motivator 😃 to me...I admire you a lot, your understanding, empathy, your kind and sweet words, your optimistic yet practical perspective, everything about you, is soo amazingggg...You're one of the intelligent and compassionate listeners I have met here who genuinely cares, and is always ready to support their members💙 you always make me smile, I find myself lucky and very much grateful to talk to you everytime, You're someone who made me realize the real value of "Self love"....for person like me who is always anxious and hesitant to speak about their problems, you have always provided me a safe space to talk to without actually forcing me and yet supporting me a lot ❤ Your each and every word (those text walls xD, I love them) mean a lot more to me than you know❤ Thank you for all the work you do here, thank you for being as amazing as always..wish you all the happiness you deserve you more🤗❤ "And we gonna be alright Dry your tears and hold tight Can't you tell? I got news for you Sun is shining and so are you" 😉❤
An absolute sweetheart; brings a smile to my face. Sun is kind, caring, and brings a certain energy to the room like no other. Much love and appreciation
Wonderful, empathetic and positive!
Kind, lovely, thoughtful, caring, concerned, and bubbly. Really makes you feel welcome and like you're in a safe, familiar, cozy place.
Always fun to have a chat with . Makes me smile on bad days and is just lovely to have around. Very supportive and thoughtful. ❤
Amazing listener! 😄💕✨
*ahem* I can't believe I didn't leave a review for you already. this is crazy. anyway, never too late. you are seriously the best listener friend (well more of a friend hehe) I have found here. you're the kindest, most supportive, most optimistic, patient, observant, sweet and literally a million more adjectives. every time I see you in any of the rooms, my heart just smiles because you just have this aura about you, wherever you are, the sun is literally shining. I am not exaggerating a bit here. you make sure to reply to every text a person sends you and you don't miss out anything! like you genuinely want to talk to the person and trust me, a lot of people are not like that. you make me feel heard and understood every damn time. you check in with me too, you make sure I am doing okay and if you haven't seen me in a while, you ask if there's something I want to talk about. how can a person be this caring? only I know because I have had the pleasure to connect with you! you have an amazing taste in music, you are kind to every single person, you can understand what the other person is going through and you are you, Sun. I like every single thing that makes you, you and I know I have to get to know you first but I am looking forward to it! I find you relatable (let's be assertive XD 'maybe?' haha) there is no one else like you. you have secured a very special place in my heart. I know you're always there for me and I am always here for you too. you're one of the most special friends I have made here. you're a great person and I hope you know you make a huge difference in the lives of others. I know friends don't say thank you so much but a BIG THANK YOU for being you and talking to me. you make my heart happy by being around and I love talking to you
She's the best ! I haven't felt that secure for so many years in my life ...talking with her was a blast …..she's not only treating you as a patient , but she´s treating you as a good friend , someone you can trust . Grateful to have you here !!!
Honestly, I am grateful for your existence! Thankyou for being there with me when I absolutely needed someone, it's not easy to be selfless , you're really a kind soul. I look forward to talking again. Always remain the same , lovely human that you are . Big Thankyou . I loved the whole experience.
Very kind and supportive
one of the best listeners out there
Thankyou for being a active listener. Your level of interest made me easily open up with you. You were bery good in relating to the situations. Will be awaiting to talk again soon.
She's very helpful and i really appreciate her for being there for me, talking, listening, i recommend her to people who needs a great listener. It would be helpful to be considerate when talking to listeners here too. Always observe kindness and respect. Hope to talk to you again. I am thankful. Thank you so much.
Very Kind and sweeet person to talk to . Keep being your amazing Self. Had a great chat , thankyou Sun ❤🌻
Took the time to be there with me, amazing experience with them like always . Adorable personality. 💖
Very sweet and helpful. Just the BEST. ❤
I felt light after talking to sunisshing
Our conversation was short but super friendly and would be glad to have more listeners like her
Just knowing that someone was there was the best thing. No judgement, just kind words and thoughts. Amazing how much better i feel, even though the floodgates have opened! And knowing that i can come back anytime is a great comfort to me
The best , worked through with me at my pace, conversation flowed easily, they are super kind and empathetic! Beautiful soul, hugs ❤ I recommend this listener to everyone who wants some one to cheer them up on a dark day !
I love this listener; sweet,calm, empathetic and awesome. Felt so good after the chat. You're doing amazing, keep up with the good work sunshine! A lot of listeners here are robot like but this one is so kind, it feels like talking with a good friend . God bless you dear ...sunflowers and love and hugs for you 🌻❤
she replied almost immediately, and helped me a lot!
Honest and nice
Great, really is not judgmental.
Very attentive listener
You are friendly and a good listener
This person is amazing. I just want to give them a hug and say thank you ❤️❤️❤️
I assure you the person behind the screen will get you involved in the conversation where you will open up and see where does your secret confidence and happiness lie.
i learned a lot and realized many things🥺❤️
Nice and patient listener
Really very helpful, Great listener understands you. Best ❤
The best listener I met in a while, Anushka really helped me feel light and understood me. Absolutely beautiful soul
those kind words let me to discover a little hidden confident inside
helping me out..we just started
Brilliant listener, so attentive and kind and I didn't feel alone anymore with what I was feeling. Thank you so much!
Good listening skills
Considerate kind and wonderfull
Extremely comfortable to talk....
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