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Breakup Advice & Chat Room

On Surviving Breakups

The end of a romantic relationship is tough. Musicians have been singing about heartbreak for years and television shows garner high ratings by putting their characters through endless break ups, but personally going through a break up is anything but entertaining. Regardless of whether you or your significant other ended the relationship, you have still lost a close connection. Surviving a break up is possible, and this course consisting of 4 lessons of breakup advice will give you some basic tips that can help. For further reading, please checkout our separate resource page on How To Get Over a Breakup.

When to Seek Professional Breakup Advice for Surviving Breakups

If at any point you start feeling hopeless or start thinking about hurting yourself or someone else after a breakup, please connect with a therapist for professional breakup advice. These feelings you’re experiencing can be really extreme and it can be really helpful to get breakup advice from a therapist. We can assist you in locating a therapist that is geographically close to you.

Surviving Break Ups & Breakup Advice

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