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Conquering Anxiety With a Resilient Mindset

How resilience leads to hope to overcome anxiety

Picturing Anxiety

The heart-pounding and racing heartbeats are very familiar to me as I try to picture anxiety as someone with firsthand experience. Then sweaty hands and an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach like I feel physically sick. What is anxiety? Anxiety is when fear becomes excessive or unwarranted, and it starts to affect our quality of life and prevents us from doing what we need or want to do. According to Scott (2016), it comes when we worry, overthink and have a lot of stress in our life.

According to McIntosh et al. (2017), the word resilience comes from the Latin verb “resilire”, meaning “to leap back.” A resilient person is not someone who never suffers. It is someone who trusts themselves and can divert the hardships from themselves. Finding hope in yourself is the best way to live. Recently, someone told me that it is not about the people around you, but what you believe and do in your own life. Our lifestyles can say a lot to us, for example, who and what we cherish and finding the place where we feel comfortable. I hope for the same for all.

When we find ourselves in a toxic position, it is essential to find someone capable of helping us. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves not how to do something but who can teach us the skills we need to succeed. Anxiety comes and goes. It is significant to remember our surroundings have a massive impact on our emotional health.

Meditation and Mindfulness

One thing that helps anxiety is meditation. By meditating, you are training your mind and allowing yourself to become comfortable with mental states that will be uncomfortable. Mindfulness can create every moment in an aware manner. When you focus on one thing at a time and learn to focus your mind this is mindfulness. Meditation is also helpful. Meditation can calm the body, mind, and spirit. Using meditation when you’re full of stress can diminish anxiety and help you to cope with whatever problems you may encounter.

Nurturing Resilience

Resilience means being tough when others do not believe in you. When you feel like an outcast, and you can’t find a way to fight back. Resilience will keep you strong and fight internally. Sometimes it will be hard when people are trying to bring you down. But only you have the say with what you want in your life. No one has the power to do what they want with their life. Think about it, would you like people arranging your life goals for what they believe they should be? No! No one should go through any type of harm due to a community in the belief of who should go where. Communities should not have the power to station people where they should go in a hierarchy of society.

We believe our lives are our own, and they are, but, sadly, others around you feel they have the power to control people into becoming who they want. I learned the hard way that this does happen. People calculate, and it is horrendous how they hurt people on purpose. I hope someone someday will fix these kinds of communities and stop them from trying to hurt the vulnerable.

Sometimes anxiety may get the best of us. The choices we have to make because of obstacles others place in our lives at times, we have to refocus and pay attention; it may seem terrible, but it may lead to something good. Changing one’s frame of mind can help anyone pull through tough situations.

When there is no way out, remember to turn internally and start writing down ideas that will make changes to your case. It may sound or seem impossible, but one who is eager and courageous can change their situation with smart and calculated choices. I know anxiety is not easy, but doing nothing does not help anything. Making and sticking to your choices can make great impacts.

Hope in the Unlikely

Sometimes when you give back, your troubles don’t seem as big. It is one of the best ways to let go of your troubles. Living a life of love and peace is an extraordinary one. It is a life that I would love to live, and one where I believe can help many people out of the cages they find themselves in. Reaching for our goals also can help defeat anxiety. And teaching others that no matter what, you are the one in charge of your life. I am no one’s puppet! I create my life intentionally. These are some words that have given me hope.

Hope is something we need to keep close to our minds. It is strong and can keep us out of the obstacles others may want for us. Yes, people create disharmony, but it is up to us to learn that hope can defeat cages formed by people throughout our lives. A strong faith in the Universe or God can create a safe place within us. It can turn small things into beautiful and harmonious journeys in life.

Our minds are our biggest challenge. Believing in our self-worth takes time and perseverance. No one becomes who they want to be on their own. It takes a lot of time, resilience, and help from others. Sometimes it is okay to let people we can trust into our lives. Maturity to know who we can let into our space is substantial for our growth. Always have a goal after every success. And never let go of your dreams. Good luck! Keep fighting!

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WhiteRoses25 is a Content Development and Marketing (CDM) Program graduate at the 7 Cups Academy. She has a master’s in human services and enjoys volunteering as an active listener and leader at 7 Cups to bring about mental health awareness and support.

Posted: 27 February 2022
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