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Talk to someone online about Disabilities

Going through life with a disability isn’t easy. It can be hard for other people to empathize with you if they don’t have a disability themselves. Chatting with someone online about disabilities is a great way to feel better about yourself and your situation. Consider chatting with one of our listeners below who are experienced in talking about disabilities with someone.

Talk to an expert therapist about dealing with disabilities
Helps me in my time of need
Reviewed Oct 15, 2021

or talk to one of our listeners:


I am an individual with multiple disabilities. I live in a toxic famil...
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I have gone through a lot in my life, so I can understand what you may...
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I like to watch movies and bake!! Winter is my favorite season...
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Hello. This is monk. There are various events in life which make u que...
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Talk to an expert therapist about dealing with disabilities
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Apocryphal landscape ...
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Recent Reviews

“Empathetic and a good listener”

Received: October 18th
Listener: @dancingIris3026

“ Good listener.”

Received: October 18th
Listener: @thoughtfulhero1980

“Loved it! Awesome chat! ”

Received: October 18th
Listener: @blissfulTree834