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Talk to someone online about Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a topic that deserves and needs much, much more attention and awareness than it does today. Throughout history, domestic violence has been referred to as the “toughest battle,” or the “silent killer.” Victims of domestic violence rarely can speak out without being threatened. It is important and crucial to speak out, no matter how “light” or “unimportant” you believe your situation is. It IS important. The Listeners presented below will not judge you, believe you are “weird” for thinking the way you think, or anything in between. No domestic violence case is minor, and it is both important and crucial to speak out (it is important to emphasize the speaking out).

Talk to an expert therapist about domestic violence
Jennie is prompt and thorough. She reads everything in detail and replies accordingly. I am hoping to get some positive inputs from her. 😊
Reviewed Apr 20, 2021

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Talk to an expert therapist about domestic violence
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