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amiablePeace77 |
Listener - Exemplar 15

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Hello,  I’m  Ami,  a verified listener on 7cups.
My support will be confidential, without any judgement. There are no topics which make me feel uncomfortable and I will do everything I can to make you feel welcome, safe and understood.
My listening times are  Monday to Friday  2 to 4 pm edt , usually my listening time will be 45 to 60 min. once a week or 2 x 30 min. twice a week.
Apart from my work as listener I am actively supporting the mindfulness community, 50plus and 35plus
Some things about me:
Exercising,  yoga and meditation,  nature walks,  cooking are some of the activities I like a lot, most of all humour – having a good laugh.
My approach to life is holistic,  balance of mind,  body and spirit as well as living in harmony with nature  are very important to me.
I had many challenges in my life and learned to cope and overcome them and would be glad to support you to achieve the same.  Volunteering here on 7 cups  means a lot to be,   I am very passionate about helping others.
I want to acknowledge the courage that it takes to reach out, this is not easy, but you made the first step. Please feel free to message me any time, I promise I will get back to you as soon as I can.
My mentor is Soulsings
My listener-twins are AlexMercer22 and Saifelhak74
Number of Ratings: 196
Number of Reviews: 129
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, German
Listener Since Apr 10, 2017
Last Active in last week
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 1,086
Cheers 445,313
People Helped 203
Chats 2,226
Group Support Chats 5,709
Listener Group Chats 84
Forum Posts 7,110
Forum Upvotes 7,909
Feedback & Reviews
Probably the kindest person I have met on this site. She went out of her way to offer me support and a listening ear. Thank you!
Consistently supportive and understanding and always checking in checking how i am doing and if i am alright and works with me through any ups and downs
Very kind, knowledgeable, supportive. Excellent!!!
It is great to have someone to listen. ami is a great listener and very compassionate and kind.
Very understanding and caring
such a calming presence with this one. She's amazing. Thank you
amiablepeace77 is a kind and compassionate listener who really offers great support to me as a member.
appreciate the response. really need someone to talk to at this time
Ami is one of the best people, let alone listeners, I have ever had the pleasure of talking to. 7 cups is a much better place with people like Ami. I feel privileged to know her.
This person was a good help
Helpful information!
Great amazing help you are
Thank you much appreciated
love ya peace always very supportive
AmiablePeace77 is wonderful and has made a difference in my life.
Amazing listener
Understanding and caring
The best listener you could ask for! They are so nice calm and sweet, it feels better than meditation ❤
Helpful person!
Understanding as always
Understanding as always
Top listener for sure, caring, trained, polite, experienced, understanding, a real friend and not a listener. Thank you for being.
Lovely and understanding as always
understanding as always
I appreciate the continuing support. That means a lot to me. I've been going through a difficult situation for a long time -- and talking with amiablePeace77 continues to give me hope as I go through this difficult journey to resolve some very difficult, long-term issues. Thanks again.
Understanding and caring
amiablePeace is so calm and stable, it really helps me to be that way, too.
Helpful and insightful
amiablePeace is so very careful, and caring, a genuine person who can be trusted.
Helpful and understanding
Understanding and caring
Wonderful and understanding
Lovely and understanding as always
Wonderful as always and understanding.
amazing as always
Thanks! I appreciate your reaching out to me and sharing recipes!
Really helpful and very friendly :)
very nice to chat here and I recommend this listener.
Always helpful and caring
Lovely as always
Always understanding and caring
Helpful listener :)
Very understanding and caring as always
Lovely and very understanding
Wonderful and understanding as always
Lovely and caring as always
Very great and caring listener. Helped me a lot.
Wonderful as always
Understanding as always
Lovely and caring awesome listener
Wonderful and understanding
Lovely and caring as always
Lovely as always
Great listener
She's wonderful and very understanding and caring.
Always understanding and caring
Considerate and calm.
Helpful and understanding as always
Very understanding and caring
This lady helped me during my divorce, she talked to me numerous times, and she scheduled a meeting with me, she listened attentively and objectively, she did not judge me, she made me feel okay about what I'm going through. Thank you !
Very understanding and caring
was very helpful, friendly and easy to talk to
Very helpful and understanding
Such an excellent person. Really, I don't know how to acclaim or praise ami any better. Be well ami, see you.
Very great listener. Very empathic
Kind, loving, honest and wise.
Absolutely, flipping awesome! Enough has been said for my friend hehe!
A really great listener, you should definitely try to talk with ami. She's going to be there for you, even if you're not going to be there for her. She can and will be your friend, just make sure you can be an honest one too.
Absolutely great experience ^^, how lovely to always see ami around here every week. Such a nice person, really great!
Fantastic friend, as always ^^!
Very supportive!
She is your mother, she is your wife, she is your doctor and she is your friend.. she is the complete package.. best of the best:)
She is an awesome listener, as always :).

She won't forget about you, that much is granted; even if the time you'll have to talk to her, has to just be quite short and on a weekly basis.

It is totally worth it, however, so you hardly will regret speaking with this wise person!
Great person as a whole.. has the patience and calibre to stick with you and bring the best out of you.. a real gem
She's just remarkable and won't forget you. Very nice human!
She's lovely, simply a blissful and well mannered person.
Awesome experience every time ^^
Absolutely fantastic ^^!
Amazing listener, always trustworthy and supportive!
Great listener!
Awesome ^^
Always a nice person to talk to ^^.
Always awesome to speak with!
This person helped me so much today! Thank u!
She's really great thus far
Always a nice listener, very kind and comprehensive. Also likes to summarise things in the end, i really appreciate that part hehe.
Awesome as always ^^.
Always nice to talk to her :).
Always nice chatting with ami, you should too if you feel like you need it.
Great listener, quite helpful :D.
Amiable was very helpful today and it was really a nice chat. Helped me relax.

I was almost gave up this site After a very bad experience with my first listener on my first time here but Amiable changed my mind and helped me a lot today. Thanks again.
This person has truly been incredible. The most professional person i have spoken to and helped me with my problems
Very nice and quick!
Very helpful and caring. Felt heard. Also provided good feedback and ideas. Thanks.
Kind, caring and thoughtful. Just what I needed. Thank you.
She is a pro... Total Doctor!
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