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bomnaz |
Listener - Discoverer 5

Listener Rating     
Who am I ?
I am a passionate, non judgemental listener. I value your trust and honesty with respect and compassion and here to support you with empathy.

What is my role on 7cups ?
I am a Verified Listener, a 7cup Internship Graduate, Member of Internship Sub-Community Forum, Safety Patrol Outreach Team member (SPOT Member).

What can I do for you ?
To be honest I can't do anything for you except to listen and support you come to decisions that make the most sense in your life for your issue.  Remember you are expert on you and no one knows you better than you. 

"Life is the greatest teacher in your lives "

"Everything is energy.  Your thought begins it, your emotion amplifies it and your action increases the momentum."

Feedback & Reviews
Tried to help the most with what they can
it was a very good experience..I am greatly satisfied..!
A good listener who is there for you
good at de-escalating and provides a variety of perspectives
Good listener if you need to vent.
Good one 😎😎😎🤩🤩🤩✨️✨️
was a good listener
Really took the time to listen to me and provide real feedback. Really helpful
Thank you so much. You are kind and you understand!
I really liked it he helped me with my problems and it went all smooth and a good listener
This listener was very kind and helpful to me ! I will give 5 stars, because I felt comfortable telling my story and asking questions. 😊❤️
He was very patient and added concise, helpful comments and questions. He checked in with me mid chat and made sure I felt supported and understood. It felt like the conversation I needed to have.
it was very helpful, they will try to understand you even if its something out of their league
Great listener. Calming. 10/10. Tnx.
It helped me cleared some things.
Attentive and effective in holding space to support me while i worked out what i wanted to achieve this morning. Shared geeat practical ideas. Only tech issue is the internet connection cut in and out every few seconds causung delays in the conversation. Overall really helped me quickly to activate a more productive state than if I did it alone.
Very good questions to help you come to your own conclusions.
He’s super good at listening and will put himself in your feet. Not only he’s a listener but is someone that you’ll feel like you’ve known for years and can talk to as a friend.
I was really nervous trying this out, but talking to bomnaz actually was very relieving and helped me a lot.
Kind and professional listener. Felt heard and understood. Helped me become more clear about my situation, by asking the right questions. Feels like speaking to a counselor / therapist. I appreciate their time helping me
He takes you seriously and is ready to listen actively
Great very empathetic listener! Was really able to say what was on my mind freely.
It was good and somewhat nice to feel listened to
This person showed a great deal of empathy and support. He showed interest and availability, and even shared some good piece of wisdom (that was asked for from me). He encouraged me and valued me as a person. I recommend him as a listener.
Very understanding and intelligent.
Very nice listener. Non judgmental, will listen , understand and provide necessary assistance
Good listener, and actively summarises and gives solutions to issues
Best support. The best
Good listener and gives you guidance and tips to help you with your problem.
Great listener, empathetic and patient
Is a good listener so far
Great listener, you feel understood and like some is here with you listening and calmly goes through your problem with you and helps as he can to make you feel better. Definitely helped me. I recommend him highly!
Thanks for the help
Very patient and generous listener. I felt heard and understood at a difficult time.
Absolutely wonderful, asked insightful questions
I like it.. It was good for views and helped me to know better and take practical decisions. Thank you
Great listener!! Have wonderful point of view! Highly recommend.
very interactive and responsive - and a great listener
Naz was very nice and helpful. He listens very well and gave me so many pointers and things to think about to help me get on with my issues. Thank you Naz!
Very helpful listener. Gave me advice and asked all the right questions. It was good to hear their perspective.
Great listener. Really helped put my mind at ease
Great knowledge about what questions have to be asked. Goes to the core! Very professional. Thank you :)
Great listener! Very helpful. Asked the right questions and truly helped!
Thank you for talking to me. You have been very helpful
Amazing listener!
A very good listener. Professional, structured, a natural flow with questions, no judgement and in the end, you feel that you have moved a bit forward in life :)
helpful, kind and caring speaker
Really good person to talk with very understanding
Loved it, awesome chat
Pretty good. Was a person who was simply there when I needed someone to talk too about my problem.
Thank you for listening. You've been so helpful.
Great listener listened with patience
A very good listener..❤❤ my anxiety level was too high.. But after taking to him.. My anxiety level is near to 0.. May ALLAH bless him with best♥
Very nice listener
Naz is very kind and helpful
bomnaz was a patient listener who was kind and caring
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