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Creative Ways to Show Your Partner Your Love Them

Use these ideas to express how much you care, based on their "love language"
Creative ways to show love

Being in a relationship is wonderful, but it takes hard work and commitment to keep it going. The lovey-dovey feelings can't last on their own. One sure-fire way to keep a happy relationship is to show your partner that you love them. However, that's not always as easy as it sounds. No, you don't need to write it on a traffic sign, but you should realize- people feel loved and show love in different ways. If those don't match up, signals can get crossed, and feelings can get hurt.

In the '90s, Gary Chapman introduced a concept called "Love Languages." It outlines five different ways people feel and express love: Gifts, Quality Time, Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, and Physical Touch. You can find out yours and your partner's here. When you know what your partner's love language is, here are some creative ideas to try. Have fun with it!


These by no means have to be expensive- a physical reminder that you were thinking about them is enough.

  • Celebrate silly holidays: Go out for the best onion rings in town for "Onion Ring Day" or a beautiful star chart for "Watch a Meteor Day."

  • Get them a subscription to a magazine about one of their interests.

  • Sign them up for a class they've shown an interest in.

  • Find out their favorite author and buy their latest book.

  • Buy all the ingredients to their favorite fancy cocktail- that one they got on your first date.

  • If you're stumped, is your friend. With millions of handmade items, put in your loved one's interest and something is sure to pop up.

  • Be sure to appreciate the gifts they give you. Remember, they're giving you their heart.

Quality Time

Spending time together doesn't have to be an all-day affair, but making sure your partner knows that they're valued by giving them your full attention goes a long way.

  • Find a show you can watch together- "Your show." Something you both enjoy and can't watch without the other.

  • Put away your phone and listen to what they're saying. (I'm not sure it's that creative but it needs to be said).

  • Take a class together. Learn how to make sushi, speak a new language, or ice skate.

  • Go to bed together. Even if you get up when your partner falls asleep, they'll love knowing you're there while they drift off to dreamland.

  • Plan a game night. Scrabble, Catan, Monopoly, and takeout is a perfect night for your quality time lover.

  • Make sure you appreciate when they give you their time. It means a lot to them.

Acts of Service

Doing little things can mean big happiness for the partner whose love language is acts of service.

  • Make a menu plan for the week and go grocery shopping for them.

  • Coupon books are like giving your heart if this is your partner's love language. Include things like detailing the car, foot massage, and picnic at the park.

  • Put a towel in the dryer while they're in the shower so it's warm when they get out.

  • Pack them lunch and add a love note.

  • Thank them when they do something for you. They're giving you their heart.

  • Look up the instructions, buy the supplies, and make something cool with them- build a birdhouse, DIY some bath bombs, or crochet a scarf.

Words of Affirmation

When your partner loves words, you have to let them know how much they mean to you by telling them!

  • Write a love note on the mirror that they will see when it fogs up. A simple "Hey Gorgeous" will work great. Just dip a q-tip in rubbing alcohol and write away.

  • Write one thing you love about your partner on each card in a deck, then suggest a game of Hearts.

  • Write something you love about your partner on your Facebook page for all to see and tag them.

  • Sing a love song to your honey at karaoke.

  • Be verbal when you're being intimate. Tell them exactly what you love about their body, the way they kiss, etc.

Physical Touch

Physical touch doesn't mean sexual touch. It means that these people feel loved when their partner initiates skin-to-skin contact.

  • Find some creative PDA. Three squeezes can mean "I love you." Maybe it's a hand on the small of your partner's back. Reach across the table and grab your partner's hand while you talk until your dinner arrives.

  • Learn some new massage techniques, get some coconut oil, and get to it!

  • Play footsie. Just a gentle glide up and down your partner's shin will mean the world to them.

  • Have a wrestling match. Once you've got them pinned, loser gets 50 kisses.

  • Take your partner's arms and wrap them around you.

  • Go roller skating and hold hands the whole time.

Remember, the most important thing you can do to show someone love, in any relationship is to listen. When your partner mentions that they loved the sandwich they got at lunch- jot it down and get it for them when they're having a tough day. If they smile when you rub their arm at a party, do it again next time. Ask for feedback. Did you like it when I did that? Find out what makes them happy and do more of it.

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Posted: 11 July 2019
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Rachel Cherry White

Rachel Cherry White has a degree in Family & Community Services and is a strong proponent of psychological well being, truly believing that everyone can and should live their best life.

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