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Relationships are the need of our lives. We all need social interaction. It can be rewarding and sometimes can also be challenging and a struggle. 

In the Relationship & Friendship Community, you will find information on healthy and unhealthy relationships and friendships, relationship issues and concerns and how to improve your relationships. Or if separated and finding a hard time dealing with it, this is your space to connect and get support. 

Or maybe you are a teen looking for help with a friendship or relationship. We are here with you. 

If you are looking for support in dealing or improving your relationships, we hope you find the much support you need. Connecting and communicating with others who have similar struggles and challenges can bring great support and comfort. ❤️

To know more, please check Community Resources!! 

Relationship & Friendship Check-in April 24

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Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Relationship Support Community!!

✔ Maintain a positive and constructive environment in the Relationship Support Community. 

✔ Kindly do not express judgments, attack or impose beliefs onto anyone within the community. 

✔ Please do not double post in different areas of forums & always ensure you're posting in the correct area so you can get better support.  To know the various forum areas & get an overview of the community, please Click Here!!

✔ Please do not SPAM any part of the forums with unrelavent links or ads.  


Community Resources

 Making the Sub-Community your home!!

★ Get started with Relationship Community!!

★ ★ Relationship and Friendship Support  Sub-Community Guide

Welcome Resource:- Welcome to the Relationship Support Subcommunity!!

★ Discussion Calendar- Resource for you to know the upcoming support sessions on Relationships. 

★ Breakup FAQs :- This is a great resource for all those who experiencing break-up struggles in their lives. 

 7Cups Self-Help Guides:- to help you a bit to deal with certain issues you may face in your relationships. 

✔ Breakups

✔ Family Relationships

✔ Surviving Domestic Assault

✔ Forgiveness

★ Ember's Relationship Resources:- a list of resources that could help you in understanding your relationships better. 

★ 12 Relationship Tips:- A good checklist to improve your relationships. 

Relationship Support Wiki:- the place where you can find some great resources on relationships. 

Other Resources:

★ The Relationship Support Forum Team 

:- Learn more about the Relationship Support Community Leadership & Moderation Team. 

★ Apply to be a Forum Supporter! :- If you're not a Forum Supporter and would like to be one, please apply through the application. 

★ Become part of the Relationship Support Team:-

✔  To join Forum /  Feed Sub-Team, please Click Here!!

✔  To join the Adult Support Team, please Apply Here!!

★ For any feedback/ suggestion, please do Share Here!!

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