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Relationships can be beautiful and enrich our lives in so many ways. But they can also be very challenging at times. The 7 Cups Relationship Community is here to support you as you navigate relationships of all kinds. ❤️

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Relationship Community Check-In: Saturday, April 21

by @Pureriver55 6 hours ago
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Romantic Relationships - Need to share an issue you're having in your relationship with your partner/spouse? You can do so in this category. 

Relationship Questions - Want a question answered regarding relationships? Post it here!

Breakups & Divorce - If you're going through a breakup or divorce, this is the place to share to get support. 

Friendships - A space to share the issues you may be experiencing with friends.

Family Relationships - A space to share the issues you may be experiencing within your family or with family members. 

Unconventional Relationships - In a relationship that doesn't quite fit the other categories? Share in this category. 

A Letter To My Ex - Have something you wish you could say to an ex or maybe you just want to rant in the direction of an ex? Go ahead in this category.

Resources & Positivity - Have a positive story to share about relationships? Or maybe you've found a very helpful relationship based website that you want to share with the community? Share in this category!

Relationship Forum Discussion - This category is for starting a community discussion regarding relationships. Everyone is welcome to post here with the intention of getting the communnity discussing a topic. Please don't share personal issues in this category. 

Relationship Support Forum Team - A place for you to find out more about the forum team who keep the group running. Please do not post personal posts in this section.

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