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Five Ways You Can Support Transgender People

How to help raise awareness and acceptance for the transgender community
Supporting transgender people

I'm glad you are wondering how you can help the transgender community. With constant judgment and high levels of transphobia, it is greatly appreciated.

1. Ask people for their preferred name and pronouns.

Normalizing asking for people's preferred names and pronouns is inclusive and can lessen the amount of misgendering that can happen to a transgender person. If you get it wrong, that's okay! Correct yourself and move on, if you make a big deal about it then it could make the situation worse.

2. While some do, not everyone likes to talk about being transgender.

Some people love to talk about it and answer questions. But others prefer not to. Both are okay. If you are interested in knowing more, either ask them if a question is okay or educate yourself. There are plenty of online resources for you, like

3. Be an ally! Push for change!

One of the things that we face the most is discrimination and lack of education. As an ally, you can help us by ensuring that you are doing your bit in helping reduce that. For example, help petition against conversion therapy - this is dangerous and it is a big problem in the community.

4. Show your public support!

Go to events! Pride is a place for everyone, even allies! Go to a protest and show your support for the community.

5. Volunteer!

If you want to support your local transgender community and you have spare time then volunteering is the thing for you. Check online for helplines or drop-in-centers near you. We are very grateful for your help and time if you can volunteer!

Visit our LGBTQ+ community or become an online volunteer listener today!

Posted: 21 March 2019
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Elijah Lee

Eli is an agender pal from New Zealand going through the mental health system.

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Five Ways You Can Support Transgender People

How to help raise awareness and acceptance for the transgender community
Posted 21 March 2019

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