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LGBTQ+ / MOGII Support

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We are a welcoming and inclusive community for all, where questions can be asked and answered, where support and information are easily obtainable and exchangeable, and where commonly marginalized topics can be talked about openly and respectfully. Welcome, friends, to the LGBTQ+ / MOGII Support Online Community at 7 Cups of Tea.

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what are your pronouns and chosen name??

by @Listeningsarinn on Thursday
2 hours ago

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Community Guidelines

1) Be kind & open minded at all times!

2) Do not impose any beliefs onto another in any harmful way!

3) Please don't express judgments or attack anyone within the community!

4) Please respect each others gender, pronouns, sexual orientation, identities in general!


Community Resources

1. Abuse, Violence, Discrimination & Safety

(Abuse guides and resources, violence prevention and staying safe, normativity, discrimination, privilege)

2. Allies, Families & Friends

(Resources for allies, caregivers, families, organisations, communities, schools...)

3. Asexual & Aromantic Spectrum

(Resources, guides and websites, finding your identity, gray-asexuality and demisexuality)

4. Coming Out

(Resources for you before, while and after coming out)

5. Emergency & Crisis Resources

(Helplines, hotlines, emergency numbers, crisis information)

6. Gender Expression

(Understanding gender expression, feminising, masculising & binding, names and pronouns)

7. Gender Identity

(Understanding and finding gender and gender identity, gender terminology and glossaries)

8. Health, Dysphoria & Transitioning

(Gender Dysphoria help, transitioning resources, LGBTQ+ health information)

9. Religion

(LGBTQ+ supportive religious resources by denomination)

10. Sex Diversity & Intersex

(Understanding sex diversity and intersex, resoruces)

11. Sexual & Romantic Orientations

(Understanding attraction and orientation, finding and accepting your identity, gay, lesbian, bi, pan resources)

12. Workplace & Education

(Being LGBTQ+, coming out at and seeking work, university or school)

13. Trans Resources

(Resourses for the Trans community)

Full LGBTQIA+ Resource Spreadsheet

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